Ceramic Vs. Stainless Steel Sink

The material that your sink is made from can make a big difference in your kitchen. Different materials require different levels of maintenance and have different types of aesthetic appeal. In the world of kitchen sinks, there are two standard options that most people can pick from: stainless steel or porcelain. In today’s post, we’ll discuss these two materials at length, covering the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make an informed decision. Understanding the specifics of these two different materials can help you decide which type of sink is best for your needs. Porcelain Sinks Offer Old-World […]

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How To Remove An Ancient Water Heater

Having your ancient water heater removed can add to the cost of a water heater replacement, so if you’re hoping to save money, taking out the water heater yourself can help you save cash. To have your water heater removed, follow these steps. Before You Can Get Started Some state and local governments may require you to pull a permit in order to remove or install a water heater on your premises, so unless you’re intimately familiar with your local building codes, you should research your local requirements. If you live in Allegheny county, you’ll need to pay $10 for […]

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How To Tile A Shower Wall

Shower tiles aren’t difficult to install, but if they’re not done correctly you could do serious damage to your bathroom wall. In this post, we’ll discuss the proper way to install tiles. Materials 1×4 Board Screws Drill Level Thinset Trowel Tiles Spacers Tile cutter Tile file Hole saw Unsanded grout Rubber float Sponge Process Before the process begins, you’ll want to check the soundness of the wall to be tiled. Old tiles already on the wall will need to be removed. When this is done, inspect the backerboard for soft spots or signs of rot. If the backerboard is damaged, […]

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How to Inspect a Septic System

Your home’s septic tank system needs to be inspected and pumped periodically in order to keep it functioning smoothly. In this post, we’ll discuss the best DIY method for septic tank inspection. Your Septic System 101 Before you can inspect your septic system, you need to know a little bit about how your septic system works and what you’re looking for when you inspect the tank. A septic system consists primarily of a tank buried in the ground, connected to a structure (like your home) via drain pipes. When waste water exits your home out of the toilets and sinks, […]

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Adding A Shower To A Freestanding Tub

Adding a shower to a freestanding tub may sound like a heck of a lot of work, but with the right type of faucet fixture, you can easily tackle this project on a minimal budget and without much fuss. To get started, you’ll need to purchase a freestanding shower and faucet combination, available for purchase through hardware stores, home improvement centers and housewares supply businesses. These fixtures include a pipe that runs up to a freestanding showerhead which is anchored to the wall during installation in order to stabilize the pipe. This setup is commonly used for clawfoot tubs, but […]

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My Water Heater Water Is Lukewarm

Winter is the worst time for your water heater to be on the fritz! If your water heater is only producing lukewarm water, there are several factors that could be causing your problem. Knowing why your appliance Is behaving this way and and how to fix it can be a big help. In this post, we’ll explore the the potential reasons that a hot water heater would produce only lukewarm water, and discuss potential solutions. No Fuel If you recently shut off the gas to your home, the pilot light in your gas water heater will have gone out, thus allowing […]

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How To Warm That Cold Toilet Seat

The cold weather is finally here, and all across the Pittsburgh metro area, residents are experiencing problems. School closings. Delays. Frozen pipes. And cold toilet seats. While not life-threatening or important in the grand scheme of things, cold toilet seats can still suck the fun out of life, one chilly flush at a time. If you’re tired of dealing with the cold and are now looking for extra comfort in your bathroom this winter, the following solutions will help you stay warm and happy while doing your private business. Use Toilet Seat Sock Covers For this fun and easy project, […]

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This Toilet Turns Waste Into Power

The Nano Membrane toilet may sound like a prop from Star Trek, but it’s an actual invention that could soon change the lives of thousands or millions of people in developing nations. What makes this toilet so great? Read on to find out for yourself. Water-Conservation at its Most Impressive Whereas traditional toilets use water to flush human waste down a series of pipes into the sewer, the Nano Membrane toilet uses no water at all. Instead, an internal rotating mechanism replaces the flush and moves human waste through the unit. Traditional household toilets will use anywhere from 1.28 gallons […]

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What To Do If You Fail A Dye Test

Are you struggling to sell off your house because it failed a dye test? Well, you are not alone; many U.S. homeowners find themselves in the same situation every year. A dye test is conducted to determine whether or not your home plumbing is properly connected to your city’s sewer system. There are two-types of sewer systems: sanitary-only and combined sewer. If you live in a sanitary sewer area, your sewer is only meant to handle steady, consistent waste flow from your house. Improperly connecting your drains or downspouts to the sewer system can create rapid and sudden surges in […]

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Fix A Washing Machine That’s Overflowing

Has your washing machine ever overflowed? If it has, it was likely caused by a problem with the water inlet valve or level switch. Many people who see their washing machine overflowing may panic and call a service professional, thinking that the situation is critical. However, the reality is that this is a problem you can easily fix on your own. In fact, it is easy to diagnose the problem and replace the defective part without having to spend more than a few dollars. This blog post will show you a few easy, DIY techniques to fix an overflowing washing […]

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