Our Mission

Welcome to Terry’s Plumbing. The owners, management, and employees themselves strive to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing exceptional products and services to our customers. We all recognize that this can only happen when everyone works together and can rely upon every other individual in the company.

Company Profile

Terry’s Plumbing provides value to our customers by promising customer satisfaction. As a result, we cover all corners so that both the parties are satisfied by law and personal satisfaction.

Terry’s Plumbing is a member of AMPAC (Association of Master Plumbers of Allegheny County), North Side Chamber of Commerce, Northern Allegheny Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

Terry’s Plumbing was founded in 1984 by Terry and his wife Nancy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a family background in plumbing, Terry set forth out of his home to start small plumbing repairs and unclogging sewer lines. After building a clientele base, he then moved into bigger areas of plumbing. His work ethic and strategy has formed his company into what the company is today with a fully operational headquarters/warehouse. Terry’s Plumbing continues to grow each year by providing customers with the quality products and services demanded by both law and most importantly the customer. When you call Terry’s you… “Don’t Go to Bed With That Drip Tonight.”