Dye Testing Services

Dye testing is the diagnosis of rain conductors and storm sewers to see whether or not the rain and ground water on your property enters in to the sanitary sewer system due to infiltration or direct tie in. This type of test is primarily done when a home is on the market to be bought or sold. Dye testing is done by running a powdery dye down your drain to see if the water running through reaches the sewer system. Pittsburgh’s Terry’s Plumbing offers this service to their customers and realtors so that the buyer and seller may bring the homes drainage system up to code. These codes differ from township to township, borough, or municipality. The results of the dye test must conform to the City of Pittsburgh Dye Testing Ordinance of 2006. This ordinance was passed in an effort to reduce the amount of water pressure in the Pittsburgh sewer system and reduce the overflow of sewers during heavy rains.   Terry’s Plumbing is able to schedule these tests to be done within 48 hours of a scheduled closing time.

Advantages of Dye Testing

  • Testing is extremely affordable
  • The results are immediate so you won’t be in the dark about the results
  • Dye tests are highly sensitive and can detect problems in your connection easily
  • Testing is convenient and can be done within 2 days notice