How to clean mold Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

How to Clean Mold out of Shower Grout

Need some help getting rid of that pesky mold in your grout? Below are some tips and tricks on how to clean mold out of your shower grout.

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Calcium buildup on faucet | Terry's Plumbing Pittsburgh

How to Remove Calcium Buildup

Have you ever peered down into the porcelain rim of your freshly flushed toilet bowl and been greeted by the surprising sight of a rust-colored chalky rim? If so, you are certainly not alone. Calcium buildup, or limescale as it’s sometimes referred to, is a common—albeit unexpected—guest that joins us in the bathroom. Read below for more information on how to manage and eliminate this pesky visitor.  

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Spring Cleaning Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

It might be hard to believe given everything happening in the world, but it’s springtime! The plants are blooming, the temperature is (sporadically) rising and it’s time for spring cleaning your home! We know, we know—cleaning isn’t fun. It can be stressful and frustrating, or even boring. But we have some ideas on how to make it fun this spring: Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Make a Playlist & Dance Music can make basically anything more exciting. While spring cleaning might not be the most exciting activity, it can turn into a dance party with the right kind of music. Make a […]

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies | Terry's Plumbing

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

The home cleaning aisles of local stores are treasure troves for endless supplies, but if you’re looking to be a bit greener, DIY cleaning products might even be better. Check out a few easy swaps from name brand to eco-friendly cleaning supplies for you kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else around the house. 

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Deep Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen For Thanksgiving | Terry's Plumbing

Deep Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching and the winter holidays to follow, make sure your home is guest-ready. Focus on two of the most heavily-trafficked rooms in your home and deep clean your bathroom and kitchen with a few simple strategies. 

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