Grease Clogs | Terry's Plumbing

Grease Clogs: Dealing with Pesky Drain Problems

Plumbing issues are always a headache. A major source of stress: drain clogs. From hair in the tub to toilet troubles, clogs happen frequently. But so many of them happen in the heart of the home–the kitchen. Why? Fat, oil and grease get into drain pipes from daily cooking and cleaning. Luckily, grease clogs are easy to detect and fix.

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Three Kinds of Proactive Plumbing | Terry's Plumbing

Three Kinds of Proactive Plumbing

Nobody likes to waste money. Likewise, we don’t enjoy wasting time. But sometimes, we end up doing both, albeit unintentionally. Preventative maintenance with your plumbing can help conserve time AND money. You know that the longer you let the problem go, the bigger it’ll become. What started as a slow leak near the washer a couple of weeks ago could turn into a flooded basement months later on Christmas morning…and high fee emergency plumber visit! These tips for proactive plumbing will help you to avoid that scenario.

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How to save water | Pittsburgh Plumber

How to Save Water in the Summertime

At Terry’s Plumbing, we care about your water (and everyone else’s). So, we want to share a few things you can do this summer to help conserve it. Water and plumbing are partners, after all! We’re lucky here in the Pittsburgh area that we don’t have extreme droughts (like those in California, Texas and other places). However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t do our part to help conserve this precious resource. Keep reading to learn how to save water with five easy tips!

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What's it take to be a plumber | Terry's Plumber

What Does it Take to Be a Plumber?

At Super Terry’s, we make our job look easy. However, being a plumber is not quite as easy as it seems. Our plumbing professionals go through extensive training that ensures they can take on any problem you have. Here’s a look at what it takes to become a professional plumber.

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Super Terry blog save water while washing your car | Pittsburgh

How to Wash Your Car and Still Save Water

It’s the season of mud. There’s also leaves, petals and pollen from the blossoming trees in the air. The world is currently full of things that want to stick to the outside of your car.  Let’s wash it all while allowing you to still save water! Keep reading for a few tips. 

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Thaw and Flooding – Spring Plumbing Problems

Most of us enthusiastically welcome the signs of Spring. However, homeowners know that warm rains and melting snow can cause major damage when you aren’t prepared, and sometimes even when you are! Keep reading for some helpful tips on dealing with those pesky April showers! Do You Have a Sump Pump? Sump pumps are one of the most common ways to help with flooding. We can install a sump basin to collect water that comes into your basement and a pump that will remove the water that has accumulated. This works year round to help prevent flooding, but is particularly […]

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How to Make Your Home Plumbing More Efficient

Winter can be an expensive time of year. There’s all the holiday shopping and expenses to contend with, plus higher utility costs. If you’re reeling from looking at your utility bills, try taking some steps to save money. A great way to do that is by making your plumbing more efficient. While some tips may cost a little up front, they’ll save you money in the long run. Replace Appliances and Fixtures As your appliances age, they become less and less efficient. Older dishwashers and washing machines may not drain properly, or use more water than necessary. Hot water heaters […]

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Common Plumbing Misconceptions

Maybe you’re going off of know-how passed down through the generations. Maybe you saw a social media post and never thought twice about it. Whatever the reason, there are more than a few misconceptions about your home’s plumbing. Not knowing the truth could cost you time, money and aggravation. Read through some of the most common misconceptions. Pipes Have to Be Replaced This is a common upsell technique from less-than-reputable plumbers. While certain situations might require a full or partial replacement, there are plenty of other times when the pipe can simply be fixed. In fact, pipes are able to […]

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Resolutions Your Plumbing Will Thank You For

As you think up your New Year’s Resolutions, your plumbing probably isn’t at the top of your list. However, making a few changes to your daily routine and being aware of certain issues could help save  you time, stress and, most importantly, money in the long run. So, in 2019, keep these tips in mind for healthier plumbing. Watch What You Put Down the Drain There are plenty of objects that make their way down your sink drains that really shouldn’t. Foreign objects can lead to clogs, slower draining and even damage to your home’s pipes. In general, if you’re […]

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A Quick Guide to Plumbing Sounds

Every once in a while, or perhaps too often, in some cases, the tranquility of our time at home is interrupted by a strange sound we just can’t place. There are the usual suspects, of course. Things like houses settling or that one creaky floor board. But oftentimes, these sounds come from plumbing. Learning to identify them could help you determine if there’s a problem. Or if these sounds are normal. Rattling Pipes Water moving through your pipes will always cause some vibration. However, if this rattling becomes audible enough to notice, it might be an issue. If you can […]

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