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Tackle Your 2020 Home Renovation Resolutions

Eating better and exercising more are at the top of everyone’s wish lists right now, but why not treat your home just as well as you treat yourself? With a little prioritizing, you can tackle your 2020 home renovation resolutions in no time. Just answer these core questions and get to work. 

What Do You Want?

You’re bound to have a number of home improvement projects in mind at any given time. Obviously, some may be more realistic than others depending on the size of your home and your budget. But this doesn’t mean it’s wrong to at least think of projects of every price and scale. 

Let your mind run free for now, and worry about the details later. Jot down your home improvement wishlist. Common nice-to-haves include:

  • A new kitchen – Complete with backsplash, new floor, countertops and updated appliances.
  • Hardwood floors – Stripping away the old carpeting and revealing and/or restoring the original wood underneath.
  • A finished basement – Creating a livable space with indoor flooring/drywall, full electricity, cable and recreational equipment. 

These and similar projects could be your exciting new venture in 2020, or they might be divided into mini projects to tackle over time. In any case, the year will be a busy one once you’ve decided to complete your 2020 home renovation resolutions. 

What Do You Need?

Appliances break and home systems malfunction. As much as you might not want to, you should think about what your home needs

Take stock of how your home is running by doing a checkup for problems in certain categories. On a new list,make note of items that can’t wait. These might be in categories like: 

  • Organization – The attic, garage and kitchen all get pretty cluttered. Do you need to devise a better organization system, like building a new closet or installing free standing shelves?
  • Plumbing – Figuring out a leak is a pain, but you might have one in your plumbing system. Check out the health of your pipes and toilets to determine if there’s any excessive water use.
  • HVAC – There’s a reason why heating and air conditioning units have filters—plenty of dust and debris gum up the systems over time. From replacing these filters to maintaining the units, an HVAC overhaul could become your priority.

You’ll likely find that your home’s needs will take priority over what you really want, and that’s OK. It’s more important to have an efficient home than an attractive one. Besides, you’ll always have a new project to look forward to, and that new kitchen will be yours in no time.

Which Projects are Feasible?

Most of us have to adhere to a budget. Your 2020 home renovation plans will impact your financial outlook for the year, so be realistic in the projects you tackle. Consider what you can do now, as well as what might have to wait. 

Home improvement projects add up fast. You might revamp bedroom walls yourself with a few cans of paint, but other projects require a professional, which means hiring a contractor. In this case, 10-20% of your budget will be spent on professional labor. That said, HGTV recommends limiting yourself to one large-scale project at a time (bathroom remodels, room additions, etc.) to account for financial and completion time needs. This doesn’t mean other needs fall off completely, though. Try to work on smaller tasks one weekend a month (installing new lighting fixtures, cleaning window hangings, etc.) so you can still meet your goals. 

Talk to Terry’s about Your Renovation Needs

Terry’s Plumbing is more than your neighborhood plumber. We’re skilled home improvement experts, too. From bathrooms to kitchens, call us to help with your 2020 home renovation projects and fall in love with your home all over again.