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3 Reasons to Hire a Pittsburgh Plumber for Sewer Relining

sewer reliningIf you’ve ever had a Pittsburgh plumber come out for a “free consultation,” chances are, you’ve listened to a sales pitch or two about sewer relining. Sewer relining is a process that coats the inside of your pipes, keeping your sewer pipes protected from roots, cracks and other internal issues that could keep your plumbing from working properly. Many sewer relining processes, including our Perma-Liner procedure, work on multiple varieties of pipes and can save you from the headache of digging up your yard or driveway to access pipes for a full sewer pipe replacement.

While sewer relining may not be a good idea for every household, some pipes could definitely use it. Here are a few ways to decide if you’re a good candidate for a sewer relining procedure:

Sewer Relining Can Help You Avoid Obstacles

If there are obstacles in the way, you may decide to opt for sewer relining rather than replacing the entire system. When pipes are replaced, the entire pipe must be removed, which can often involve tearing up your driveway, sidewalks or even roadways. Instead, relining involves digging a small hole and accessing the pipeline from there. With relining, you can avoid the staggering expenses that come along with replacing pavement. Relining the sewer lateral to the municipal, borough or city main costs a lot less than excavating and making final restoration repairs to these obstacles.

Sewer Relining Could Save You Time

If you need to save time, you could consider a relining procedure. Instead of having every pipe removed and replaced or repaired, sewer relining is a simple procedure that could be done in a day. Turning off your water for days at a time can be exhausting. Add in the stress of having work crews in your yard for several days, and you may wish you’d gotten your sewer relined.

Sewer Relining Saves Money

You will save money with sewer relining over an entire system replacement. Replacing individual pipes can rapidly add up. Not only will you need to pay for more time spent on the job, since it takes longer, you’ll also have to deal with outside expenditures, like having your yard landscaped afterward or replacing driveway pavement.

Not every household is a good candidate for sewer relining. However, if you’re having issues with tree roots, sewage leaching or groundwater infiltrating into your system, sewer relining may save you time, money and worry. If you’re having serious issues with your sewer pipes, call Terry’s Plumbing to discuss your needs. We’ll give you an honest estimate to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

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