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5 Advantages of a Heated Toilet Seat

Among the many favorable additions to a modern bathroom is a heated toilet seat. These seats have been around for a long time and they are gaining popularity. Listed below are some of the often-overlooked advantages of a heated toilet seat.

Provides Warmth

The most evident and sought advantage of a heated toilet seat is that it provides warmth. During a cold winter spell, a heated toilet seat can be a bonus because it’s so warm and cozy. Most of us are familiar with the numbness and coldness of toilet seats, whether we use them in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. This issue can be completely erased with a heated toilet seat.

Adds Comfort

The temperature of a heated toilet seat can be adjusted for personal preference. The heat provided by the seat can be a very effective aid in relaxation and comfort.

Loosens Stiff Muscles

Heat therapy is a well-known reliever of muscle aches and pains. Sitting on a heated toilet seat can actually help relieve minor discomfort and aches. For arthritis sufferers, cold weather can bring on the most pain and discomfort. But, with a heated toilet seat visits to the bathroom can be easy and welcoming.

Easy to Install

In most cases, heated toilet seats can be installed the same way as conventional toilet seats. You don’t need an electrician or plumber to help you with the installation; however, if you plan a complex installation for different needs, such as energy conservation or seat elevation, you might need professional assistance.

Different Options for Energy Conservation

Although heated toilet seats are energy-friendly, there are different options for conserving electricity. Water is one such possibility. You can also use timers to heat the toilet seat only when it’s in use. Wiring the toilet seat along with the light in the bathroom will also ensure that the heat is turned on only when the bathroom is occupied.

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