5 Common Commercial Water Issues

5 Common Commercial Water Issues

Commercial water issues are something that just can’t be ignored. Virtually every business in operation relies on water. Some more than others. But for all of them, because they are commercial, water issues will always be at the forefront of their concerns.

So the following are five common commercial water issues, both present and emerging.

Outdated Plumbing

Outdated plumbing, is item number one on the list of commercial water issues fixed regularly that too many commercial operators don’t think about. Someone gets a good deal on an older building, then opens for business. Then the problems begin to manifest themselves.

Old steel pipes can look fine on the outside, while inside, they are choked up with rust nodules. It’s the build-up of rust nozzles that leads to restricted water flow. Then this restricted flow places any number of limitations on the functions of a commercial operation.

Low Water Pressure

Just like outdated plumbing, all looks fine until you turn on the faucet and realize there’s little to no water pressure. If high water pressure is required, that’s a problem. Try to imagine a car wash operating with sprayers that don’t spray well. It’s not hard to see that this would be a problem. Fortunately, the solution for low water pressure is relatively simple. It takes a little investment but installing a water pressure tank system delivers proven results.

Pinhole Leaks

Leaks are another thing that comes with old pipes that have reached the end of their service life. Pinhole leaks develop where the rust has finally made its way through to the outside of the pipe in small discrete areas. They aren’t going to go away on their own and can, at times, be challenging to detect in the way that a more significant leak would be more noticeable.

Clogged Drains

Persistently clogged drains is another issue that sits high on the list of common commercial water issues. Water drains are strategically placed in and around a building determined by need. The problem in most cases of persistently clogged drains is that something is stuck down inside that’s snagging debris to create the clog. The good news is that in most cases, a good thorough snaking by a professional plumber will do the trick.

Groundwater Contamination

The days are long gone when commercial business operators can just put anything down the drain without any worries. This in and of itself presents its own set of commercial water issues, and it’s what the contaminants are that dictates the degree of these challenges.

Wrapping things Up

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