Ways Not To Use A Toilet

5 Ways You’re NOT Supposed To Use The Toilet

Ok, you know what a toilet is for. Toilets serve a very specific, very special role in the household, and for many toilets, this role doesn’t change very much. However there are some instances where people don’t use the toilet for its intended purpose.

Toilet Tow Zone

Toilet Parking Space

Photo Credit: KDKA

Imagine how Tom Suica’s toilet must have felt when it got strapped to a bicycle and left in a parking spot outside. Mr. Suica was angry because the steakhouse had claimed three parking spots in the street in front of Mr. Suica’s home. To protest, Mr. Suica did what any good plumber might do: he used plumbing fixtures to demonstrate his point. Mr. Suica now occupies these parking spots with two bicycles, each rigged with a toilet in place of the seat. He enjoys driving them around town.

You can see the full story here.

The Matt Damon Ice Bucket Challenge

Actor Matt Damon recently dumped ice cold toilet water on his head as a part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Hope he remembered to flush before… well, never mind.

The Toilet Roll Wedding

Toilet Paper Dress

Photo Credit: Cheap Chic Weddings

This artist made a wedding dress from 11 rolls of toilet paper and some glue and tape. A few questions that come to mind:

  • What happens if it rains on the wedding day?
  • Is the paper archival quality?
  • What kind of tape?
  • What brand of toilet paper was used? Is it super absorbent? Extra soft?

A Tutorial On Replacing Toilet Paper

Kids just don’t listen. Will Reid got tired of showing his kids how to do the same everyday tasks over and over, so he decided to get creative. He made a series of instructional videos and posted them on social media. This scintillating installment, How to Change a Roll of Toilet Paper, is helpful for parents of teenagers who refuse to learn basic life skills. It’s adorable. We recommend this instructional video for all teenagers who need a little extra guidance.

Sochi Toilet Etiquette

Sochi Bathroom Rules

Everyone heard crazy stories about unfinished hotels and celebrities flocking to adopt packs of stray dogs during the Sochi Winter Olympics. But did you hear about the rules of toilet etiquette?

  • No peeing standing up.
  • No vomiting.
  • No squatting.
  • No…fishing?
  • No drug use.

People who like to pee standing up and go fishing in bathrooms were out of luck in Sochi this last winter. Not to mention anyone who got the flu. Hope they knew that before they bought the plane tickets.

Leave your toilet stories in the comments box. The staff here at Terry’s Plumbing would love to see your funny toilet and plumbing related stories.

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