A Look at Rough Valves 

A Look at Rough Valves 

Remodeling or building a new shower? Then you need a shower valve. If you’re not familiar with shower valves, they are kind of like the heart of the shower, controlling the flow of water and temperature to the shower head, tub spout, body sprays, etc. Getting the right shower valve kit will not only ensure that you have the shower of your dreams, but that you won’t create a plumbing nightmare if there should ever be any repair needs with the product in the future. Keep on reading for a look into rough-in valves!

What is a Rough-in Valve?

Rough-in valves are designed to be installed before the finished walls, tile, or flooring are all complete. The valve will be in a wall or under the floor, secured to studs or floor joist, that allows hot and cold water to be mixed and come out of a plumbing fixture. The trim or the shiny parts of the faucet that we use every day, pops right on the exposed parts of the rough-in valve completing the fixture. This allows a plumber or a handy homeowner to be able to service a faucet with new cartridges or even to upgrade the trim in the future.

What Does a Rough-in Valve do?

The main purpose of a rough-in valve is for water regulation and diverter function, essentially controlling water volume, temperature, and sometimes diverter function. A shower rough-in valve has two inlets, one for hot and one for cold water, and two outlets, one for the shower head and one for a handheld wand, in order to regulate water best.  

What Rough-in Valve should I Choose?

We usually recommend finding a faucet/showerhead you like the look of and working backwards. This way you can ensure that you get the correct rough-in valve for the shower or tub hardware you want. Most times, manufacturers will even make their own rough-in valve that is specific to their line of plumbing fixtures. 

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If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the types of shower valves, no sweat! Your plumber is always a good place to start for recommendations and questions you may have about choosing the best shower valve and trim kit for your bathroom remodel or shower upgrade.

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