Advanced Toilet Technology

Like other things, the world of toilets is changing rapidly. While many homes still feature standard toilets that simply hold water and flush human waste down the pipes, toilets of the future are currently being developed. Some newly invented toilets feature mind-blowing innovations that could transform the world of bathrooms forever.

Toilets that Turn Urine and Feces Into Other Things

Climate change is a common concern among people in modern society, and as a result, sustainability is an important feature of many modern appliances and plumbing fixtures. Toilets are no exception. While many modern homes feature low-flow toilets that use less water to flush away human waste, the latest plumbing inventions feature toilets that can do a lot more than save water. Toilets that generate power are the wave of the future.

For example, researchers at Caltech recently developed a solar powered waste-treatment and processing system that can turn human waste into hydrogen, water and electricity. This uber-efficient toilet and waste processing system can solve major health problems in developing countries. Also, just think of what you could do with a toilet like this in your own home! With the ability to make water and electricity with your toilet, you could turn going to the bathroom into a green activity that could reduce your home’s carbon footprint and make your home more sustainable.

Innovations that Make Using the Toilet a Luxury

Standard toilets are utilitarian in nature, but luxury toilets are fun to use. Some of our favorite luxury toilet features include:

  • Spray deodorizer: Do you hate how the bathroom fills with a smell when you’re done doing a number 2? New spray deodorizer toilets get rid of the poo smell with a simple spray of deodorizing mist.
  • Seat and floor heater: Standard toilets and bathroom floors can be very cold on your bare toosh and toes, but luxury toilets take are of that problem by heating the floor around the toilet and the seat as well.
  • Remote control music: Now you can listen to a range of musical choices while doing your personal business. From Stravinsky to The Who, you can pick the soundtrack that you listen to while using the pot.

Modern Toilets that Help Your Health

The Toto Intelligence II Toilet is designed to analyze your sugar levels, measure body temperature, and take your blood pressure. This toilet can even tell you if you’re pregnant! All this information is uploaded to a computer that users can review at their leisure. With this fantastic toilet, you can monitor your health and may even be able avoid trips to the doctor.

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