Are Bath Bombs Safe For Your Plumbing?

Do you use bath bombs after a stressful day at the office? Have you ever heard that bath bombs can be bad for your plumbing? Unfortunately, it’s true: bath bombs can cause clogs in your drains, unless a few precautions are taken. Knowing the danger of using bath bombs and what you can do to prevent problems can help you take care of your bathtub drains.

The Good

Bath bombs are a scented, fizzy bath salt designed to dissolve in your tub and relax your muscles. Upon placing bath bombs in a bathtub full of warm water, your bathroom will start to smell like flowers or perfume and the water will fizz around your body. Bath bombs are great after a hard day at work or after a stressful day at school. They also make excellent gifts.

The Bad

Bath bombs are made up of a variety of materials that are not always good for your bathtub. Some of the problems you might encounter include:

  • Sometimes the salts don’t dissolve. Partially dissolved bath salts will clog your drains. A few undissolved chunks can become caught in the drain, which will then catch on hair and other pieces of debris.
  • Oils can clog your drains. You’ve probably heard that it’s a bad idea to flush oil down the drain. This is totally true! Oils will congeal when cold, leading to clogs.
  • Sometimes bath bombs contain more than oils and salts. Some fancy types of bath bombs will contain undissolvable pieces like flower petals, confetti, glitter and more. These little pieces look cool when floating around in the bathtub, but they can clog your drain.

The Ugly

In the case of a hot tub, bath bombs can do more than just a little damage. Bath bombs can destroy the functionality of your hot tub in just a few uses. Small pieces found inside bath bombs can destroy the jets and cause devastating clogs.


Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy bath bombs in your bathtub without destroying the components of your tub. If you’re using your bath bombs responsibly, you can even use bath bombs regularly without making problems.

  • Put the bath bomb in a protective nylon cover. This prevents the contents of the bath bomb from leaking into the bathtub and clogging the drain. Panty hose are perfect for this purpose; simply slip the bath bomb into the leg of a panty hose, then tie it shut.
  • Clean out the drain regularly with vinegar and water. To do this, pour vinegar down your drain and then leave the vinegar inside the drain for several minutes. When you’re done, flush the drain with hot water from your spigot. This should help clear debris and oil that bath bombs have left inside the drains.

Have Your Drains Cleared By a Professional Plumber

If your drains do start to back up, a professional plumber can help you clear your plumbing and keep the drains flowing smoothly. If you live in Pittsburgh and need a professional plumber to help you clear your drains from bath bomb debris, contact Terry’s Plumbing. We can help you take care of your plumbing and keep your drains flowing smoothly. Call us today for an appointment at (412) 364-9114.