Bathroom Fixtures Styles and Trends

Do you know what can be found in the most modern and beautiful bathrooms? We do! At Terry’s Plumbing we see new, cool bathroom features everyday. Below are some of the most commonplace trends that we have noticed in bathrooms across Pittsburgh. These bathroom features are making their way into bathrooms all over your neighborhood, and may be coming soon to your own home!

Small Scale Luxury

Big bathrooms were the hit just a few years ago, but in recent years many homeowners have strived to make their bathrooms smaller and more efficient. This trend is a part of a larger movement to make spaces more efficient, more eco-friendly and more affordable.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a rising new trend in bathroom design. Vessel sinks sit above the vanity rather than in the vanity. In addition to being unique in appearance, vessel sinks can also be made from unusual materials, like metal, stone or glass. The point of a vessel sink is to stand out (or stand up), so it’s important to pick one that has character and beauty.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are the wave of the future. Smart toilets heat the seat to keep you comfortable, employ dual-flush systems to ensure total efficiency, provide sound effects to relax users and even track vital health statistics. These amazing toilets are available for sale in the U.S. and are becoming more popular every day.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Low-flow fixtures are invading bathrooms everywhere. Many homeowners seek out low-flow features because they’re attracted to green products, they want to save water, they want to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and they’re interested in saving money. Low-flow fixtures do all of those things. Some of the most common low-flow fixtures include low-flow toilets and low-flow shower heads. Sinks faucets are typically made low flow with a basic water aerator, which reduces the amount of water in each use.

Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads create the sensation of bathing in the rain. These luxury, high-end shower heads can make the everyday experience of showering feel luxurious and romantic.

Unique Storage Features

We already mentioned earlier in this post that bathrooms are getting smaller. To ensure that these small bathrooms are functional, homeowners are using smart storage solutions to keep their towels, toiletries and bathroom accessories out of sight. From antique dressers to custom-designed cabinets, these storage features are making their way into modern bathrooms everywhere.

Aging in Place Features

Aging in place is all the rage among senior citizens. Staying at home into the golden years is important to many people, but to do this safely, certain accommodations must be made. Curbless showers, higher toilets, grab bars and handicap accessible bathtubs are just some of the most common aging in place features that can be found in bathrooms today.

Singing Showerheads

Do you sing in the shower? Do you bring your phone into the shower and stream music, podcasts or sounds of nature? Then you could probably benefit from a showerhead with built-in speakers. These shower heads are safe for use in the shower (unlike your phone) and come with a bluetooth component for total convenience.

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