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Three Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

Who doesn’t love relaxing after a hard day, letting all of your stress and worries melt away? Many of us seek out expensive spas to do just that. Others have their home oases to take care of the job. Even if you don’t have a jacuzzi tub or a rain shower, there are plenty of easy (and inexpensive) ways to turn your bathroom into a home spa. 

Declutter Your Bathroom

Creating a spa experience at home doesn’t necessarily mean adding a bunch of new fixtures and accessories. In fact, it’s often just the opposite. Decluttering your space is a great way to start decluttering your mind. Store toiletries and beauty products in your medicine cabinet or under the sink. 

Organize and hang up towels and wash clothes while minimizing the amount on display (keep extras in a linen closet or elsewhere). Finally, keep decor to a minimum. Opt for one or two tasteful prints or photos on the wall, a small plant and a candle. Not only does this help declutter your space, but it will also help you create an authentic spa aesthetic. 

Add Calming Scents

Sure, that can of aerosol spray is crucial in many homes, but it should only be used when it’s really needed. If you’re aiming for a spa vibe in your bathroom, opt for more natural scents that inspire relaxation and serenity. Eucalyptus, jasmine, sandalwood and lavender are all great options.

Don’t rely on sprays to get the job done. A well-placed candle might be all you need. As we mentioned previously, keep your decor sparse and tasteful. Too many candles will still look cluttered and can ruin your efforts to turn your bathroom into a home spa. If you’re looking to save more room or don’t have a good place for a candle, try using an essential oil diffuser. The scents will be much more subtle and you won’t have to worry about lighting and blowing out the candle every time you want to relax. 

Invest in Relaxing Sounds

Even if your kids are screaming in the living room, you should still be able to drown them out with some relaxing sounds. You probably won’t be able to fit a string quartet in your bathroom, but you can still recreate the experience. Music apps like Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify offer plenty of already-compiled playlists for the sole purpose of relaxation. Some are even used in spas. 

Another great option is a white noise app. You can find plenty of free ones on the App Store or Google Play. Many of them offer soundtracks like rainfall, waves lapping on the beach, sounds of the forest and other tranquil soundscapes. 

If you’re worried about your phone getting wet while you soak in the tub, opt for a waterproof speaker. These handy gadgets are usually Bluetooth enabled, so you can leave your phone safe and dry while the speaker pumps out those relaxing strands of music. 

Ready for a Bathroom Remodel? Super Terry Can Help!

While there are plenty of ways to turn your bathroom into a home spa, you might be thinking of going bigger. Terry’s Plumbing offers full bathroom remodeling services to make your home spa dream become a reality. From tub installation to adding recessed lighting, we can make your vision a reality. Learn more about Pittsburgh’s best bathroom remodeling services today.