Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoor shower? Outdoor showers make it possible to completely clean off your body without tracking in dirt. If you are a parent, dog owner or a homeowner with a pool, an outdoor shower is an excellent plumbing feature that can simplify your life. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the greatest benefits of installing an outdoor shower.

Wash Off the Kids

Kids have a way of getting dirty very quickly. Unfortunately, washing off all that mud can make your indoor shower dirty. For a parent, having a place to rinse of the kids after a mud fight, sporting event or a romp in the park can help keep the mess outside.

If you’re thinking about installing a shower for rinsing off your children, keep in mind that a good shower for washing off the kids doesn’t even need to be enclosed, because little kids can be rinsed off while wearing clothes.

Keep the Dog Clean

Dogs need to be cleaned periodically, but washing your dog in the bathtub can be difficult. Dog hair can clog pipes and cover the bathtub walls, making the bathroom just as dirty as the dog. An outdoor shower gives your dog somewhere to get clean without dirtying the bathroom.

Like a shower for children, a shower for keeping the dog clean doesn’t need to be enclosed and can be installed in any convenient outdoor location.

Shower After a Swim

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? If so, you’ve probably noticed that going inside after swimming can be unpleasant. Swimmers who go straight indoors may drip on the floor and drag in dirt. Especially on a hot day when the air conditioning is blasting, going indoors after a swim can leave the swimmer uncomfortably cold and shivery.

Showering outside after a swim makes it possible to rinse off the chlorinated pool water without going indoors. If you’re thinking about installing a shower for rinsing off after a swim, it’s a good idea to enclose the shower so that the person using it can remove their swim suit and soap up sufficiently. This means that the shower will need a little more space than a shower used for children or for pets.

Clean Yourself After Gardening

A gardening shower is a good way to clean off after working in the dirt and getting quite dirty. If you’re thinking about installing a shower for use after gardening, you’ll need to give thought to whether or not you want it to be open aired, or enclosed. Enclosing the shower with thick plants instead of walls is a creative way to make your shower private.

Cool Off on a Hot Day

If your house has no air conditioning, an outdoor shower is an effective way to clean off your body and cool down at the same time. Taking a shower in cold water in an outdoor location can help you cool down if you’ve been trapped indoors on a day.

If you’re considering installing an outdoor shower because your home gets hot on summer days, work with your plumber to get an enclosed shower installed. This will help ensure that your shower is private.

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