Best Places to Put Your Purse in a Public Restroom

Best Places to Put Your Purse in a Public Restroom

Crowded restrooms, dirty floors, questionable surfaces, nefarious stares and a heap of germs. Using a public restroom, while sometimes necessary, can turn into a fiasco – particularly in a ladies room. According to researchers, a woman’s purse could be just as germ infested as a public toilet handle. So what are you supposed to do with your purse when nature calls? 

Never use The Door Hook

First things first, you probably think the hook on the door is the obvious choice. WRONG. Many women report using the hook and being victimized by purse snatchers who reach over the door to grab the purse while your pants are down. Instead, some of our suggestions in the following sections are better ways to go.

The Door Knob or Handle

This may not always be an option if the handle is too small or your purse is large and heavy. But it’s a great solution for those with smaller cross bodies or clutches.

The Toilet

If the restroom you are in has a toilet with a tank mounted at the back, this is a great option. Setting your bag on the top of the tank behind you will keep it close and off the floor away from germs. Though this won’t be an option if the restroom you’re in, features tankless commodes. 

Paper Towels 

Bring some paper towels in the stall with you to line a small area on the floor in front of you.  You’ll be able to be hands free, have eyes on your bag at all times, and the towels keep your purse clean (off the dirty floor).

Use Yourself 

If the style of purse you have permits, leave it strapped across your back or chest. As a last ditch effort, you could also use your lap or hold the strap in your teeth if you want to keep their belongings close.

Bring Your Own Hook

This is unanimously the best choice. You can scoop up a “clip” at your local accessories store or online. Either way, you can put the clip on the stall wall or toilet paper holder before hanging your purse. Clips can also be multipurpose to keep your purse off the floor at restaurants, the office, and even sporting events!

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