Buying a new toilet? Read this first

It’s time to take care of your business… Buying a new toilet, that is. A toilet is much more than just a toilet. Toilets come many shapes, many sizes, and many prices. These days, some toilets even have fancy features. So, no. Not all toilets are created equal. Let’s “flush” through some options to consider before you head out to buy a new commode.


If you didn’t build your house from the ground up, or didn’t tackle  a bathroom remodel, chances are, this might be the first time you’ve ever bought a toilet. Exciting times! First tip: Don’t buy a toilet for less than $100. This is about the average price you can expect to pay for your most basic toilet. The prices only go up from there.


Do you want a toilet with a built-in bluetooth speaker, or one with built-in wifi so you can catch up on the news instead of flipping through a magazine? Of course you don’t. Most people just want a basic toilet, but it’s fun to dream. Take a look at some features highlighted in the world’s most expensive toilets:

  • Sensor lid action
  • Heated seat
  • Music
  • Air-purifying technology
  • USB port
  • SD card slot
  • LED Touch Screen

Pretty crazy, eh? Long story short, there are some really expensive toilets out there that have more features than you can imagine. If price is no option, then knock yourself out!

How Big is Your Bathroom?

This is an important thing to consider. Make sure you measure your bathroom space before heading out to get your new toilet. You can be awe struck by the perfect toilet in the store, but once it’s installed you might realize it’s a tight squeeze, or even worse it doesn’t fit.

Do Your Research

When in doubt, just Google it. Today’s buyer is more educated than ever due to the amount of content out there on pretty much every product there is. Do some reading beforehand. It sounds like a small decision, but, essentially, it’s a decision that can have a big impact multiple times per day.

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