Cleaning your Whirlpool Tub | Terry's Plumbing

Cleaning your Whirlpool Tub

When you’ve had a long, hard day, there’s nothing better than relaxing and unwinding in a whirlpool tub. However, it isn’t such a pleasant experience if you find little black bits floating in your bath water, or an unappealing soap scum ring around the edge of your tub. Knowing how to clean your whirlpool tub is pretty important if you’re going to invest in one, but luckily the process isn’t complicated. In this article, we’ll cover how often you should be cleaning your tub, and give you a step-by-step guide.

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The Best Ways to Remove Rust from your Tub or Sink | Terry's Plumbing

The Best Ways to Remove Rust from your Tub or Sink

Rust stains are unsightly and can make a clean sink or tub appear neglected and dirty. If you’ve tried in the past to remove these stains and haven’t been successful, you may think they are there to stay. But, with these tips and tricks rust stains can become a thing of the past. Read on for tips on rust stain removal using a variety of DIY and commercial cleaners.

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Pressure Washing your House the Right Way | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Pressure Washing your House the Right Way

Pressure washing or power washing, involves using a high velocity water spray to clean dirt and debris from surfaces. From removing mold and mildew on siding, to prepping your home for a fresh coat of paint, a thorough pressure washing can help restore your home’s curb appeal. The following guide will teach you how to pressure wash your home safely and efficiently.

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Cleaning your Dryer Vent: 6 Mistakes to Avoid | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Cleaning your Dryer Vent: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Dryer fires are a very real and dangerous hazard that most often originate within the metal tube between your dryer and the wall. That is why you need to clean it out. Cleaning your vent will help your dryer run more efficiently and prevent your home from catching fire. Continue reading our new blog for more information on the 6 mistakes to avoid while cleaning out your dryer vent.

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Removing Soap and Streaks from Shower Doors | Pittsburgh | Terrys Plumbing

Removing Soap and Streaks from Shower Doors

It’s always challenging to get those glass shower doors clean and free of hard water stains and soap scum. Luckily, in this blog we teach you a couple different ways to effectively clean your shower doors. So, say goodbye to streaks and soap scum and hello to crystal clear shower doors!

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Preventing Mold from Growing in your Washing Machine | Pittsburgh | Terry's plumbing

Preventing Mold from Growing in your Washing Machine

Whether you have a top or front loader, new washing machine or old, mold will find its way into it. Though it seems ridiculous, a washing machine being dirty–it’s inevitable since they are the ideal environment for growing mold.

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The Recipe for Homemade Degreaser | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

The Recipe for Homemade Degreaser

Running out of kitchen cleanser when your kitchen is covered in grease and grime is everyone’s worst nightmare. This simple recipe for a budget-friendly, multipurpose kitchen cleanser could be exactly what you need in a pinch.

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How a Sewer Camera Inspection Works | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

The Best Auger for Every Clog

When a clog happens do you have the right tool that can fix it? And no, we aren’t talking about a plunger. In this blog you’ll find a list of plumbing tools and an explanation of when to use each one.

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How to freshen up a smelly sink | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

How to Freshen up a Smelly Sink

Even when you diligently clean it’s inevitable that some not-so-lovely things are going to make their way down your drain. When foul odors strike, do you know what to do?

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What snow blower is best for you | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

What Snow Blower is Best for You?

Around this time of year when shoveling snow becomes a chore, it’s always tempting to buy a snow blower. Before you invest, take a minute to read our blog to learn about types of snow blowers and their key features.

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