Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is the most basic of fixtures. Picking one should be easy, right?

Wrong! Until you’ve remodeled a kitchen, you have no idea how hard it can be to choose a proper kitchen sink. Sinks come in a range of colors, sizes and shapes, each of them with their own advantages and disadvantages. At Terry’s Plumbing, we take kitchen sinks very seriously, and we love helping our customers choose the right kitchen sinks for their needs

Basin Quantities and Size

One of the first choices that homeowners have to make when selecting a kitchen sink is whether or not to choose one basin or two. Perhaps the most common choice among homeowners is the traditional one-basin sink. These sinks are typically deep and wide, allowing the user to soak or fill up large pans and perform a variety of functions in the kitchen.

Two-basin sinks work well for kitchen users who like to soak dishes in one sink and rinse in another, or for kitchen users who like to wash in one sink and put the dish drainer in another.

Three-basin sinks, which have two large basins on either side and a small basin in the middle for a garbage disposal, offer convenience for people who do a lot of cooking but also take up a lot of room. We only recommend these sinks in homes with large kitchens and a lot of counter space to spare.


Farmhouse and traditional kitchen sinks are made of porcelain. This material looks classy when it’s well maintained, but does require some regular care. Porcelain can scratch or be stained, and may be difficult to clean when this happens. In addition, porcelain can be chipped and may require repair. For homeowners who like colors, porcelain comes in a range of hues and can easily be matched to any kitchen’s décor.

The other most common sink material available on the market is stainless steel, which is virtually unbreakable and doesn’t usually stain at all. This material is also very common, so it may be less desirable for homeowners hoping to make a fashion statement with their fixtures.

Finally, options like stone and stone composite have recently become more popular in newly remodeled kitchens. Like porcelain, stone sinks can stain and chip. However, stone sinks can be made to perfectly match countertops, and they’re naturally very elegant, which makes them desirable in high-end homes. Stone composite sinks are typically much stronger and chip resistant than natural stone sinks, but this material too can easily be stained. Both stone and stone composite are usually pricey materials and thus may not be not an option for homeowners on a budget.


Kitchen sinks typically come in three shapes: square, rectangular and rounded edges. Some kitchen users prefer sinks with rounded edges because the lack of sharp corners can make them easier to clean. Others may prefer the basic, utilitarian appearance of a sink with four sides and sharp corners. Square and rectangular sinks look best in kitchens decorated in the modern, minimalist style.

Get the Right Sink for You

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