The Costs and Labor Associated with Owning a Pool

Pools are great in the summertime. There are few things better than sitting around by the pool with a group of friends on a hot summer day. The one thing that does make it better is if you’re not the one responsible for maintaining the pool. There’s an old saying about boats. “Don’t buy a boat, find a friend who has one.” The same can also be said for pools – depending on how much you use them. Pools are a great asset to any home. As long as they are maintained. So, what are some costs associated with owning a pool? Well, we’re glad you asked.

How to Maintain Your Pool This Summer

There are many tasks related to maintaining your pool. Whether the pool is above ground or in-ground, there is still a good amount of maintenance required to keep it looking clean and safe to swim in. Here are just a few tasks related to pool maintenance.

  • Skim your pool daily
  • Vacuum your pool frequently
  • Weekly chlorine shock
  • Test the ph levels often
  • Winterize your pool

Don’t Get Lazy

Pool maintenance is no different than any other sort of maintenance. If you get lazy, when you finally do get around to the maintenance part it’s going to take much longer, or cost much more. Pools, if not maintained, can get pretty ugly very quickly. We’ve all seen the neighbor with the green pool. Don’t be the neighbor with the green pool! If you are skimming and vacuuming your pool often, adding the correct amount of chlorine shock and testing your levels weekly you will be in good shape.

A Few Final Notes

If you love the idea of a pool, but don’t have the time or the motivation to keep up with it yourself you can always hire someone to take care of the maintenance for you. This will cost you roughly $100 per hour through most services, but you may be able to cut out the middleman by paying someone directly such as a college student home for the summer, or a family member.

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