Cover A Water Stained Ceiling

Ceiling leaks are inconvenient for a variety of reasons. Not only do they ruin possessions and cost money to repair, but the stains from plumbing leaks can be difficult to cover up with standard paint. Knowing how to cover stains from ceiling leaks so that the stains will stay gone is an important part of the clean up process when a leak is repaired. The following tips will help you get the job done.

Gather Your Materials

  • Stain-sealing primer
  • Ceiling paint
  • Paint scraper
  • Sand paper
  • Rags
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint tray
  • Stir stick
  • Tarps

Paint Over the Stain

  1. Allow the stain in your ceiling to fully dry. This can take several days. You’ll be able to tell that the stain in your ceiling is dry by holding your hand to the discoloration. If the discolored part of the ceiling feels cooler than the other parts of the ceiling, there’s a good chance the ceiling materials are still wet.
  2. Purchase stain-sealing primer and ceiling paint. Ceiling stains have a way of bleeding through standard paint. The best way to cover ceiling stains so they will not return is by covering them with stain-sealing primer, available for sale at home improvement centers and hardware stores. Stain sealing primer can come in a standard paint form as well as aerosol spray. If your ceiling is textured, the aerosol spray is a better choice to ensure full coverage. You’ll also need replacement ceiling paint, unless the stain-sealing primer happens to be the same color as the ceiling.
  3. Prepare the area to paint. If the ceiling is dirty with grime or spider webs, use a clean rag to wipe the spider webs away. Lay a tarp beneath the stain on the ceiling. Scrape any old or bubbled paint off of the ceiling using a paint scraper, then sand the painted area so the ceiling is smooth in the area over the stain. Note: scraping down the ceiling may not be an option if your ceiling is textured. If this is the case, contact a paint professional.
  4. Cover the stain with primer. Use the stain-sealing primer to cover the stained area. Make the application of primer thick enough to cover the stain completely. If the stain is still visible beneath the primer, apply a second coat when the first coat is dry. Wait for the primer to fully dry before moving to the next step.
  5. Paint the area to match the color of the ceiling. Use the ceiling paint to cover the primer, making it the same color as the rest of the ceiling. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary.

For more information about painting over a ceiling water stain, take a look at the helpful video on this page.

Fix the Leak First

Before you can paint over a stain on the ceiling, you must first fix the leak. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you’re in luck! At Terry’s Plumbing in Pittsburgh we specialize in fixing leaks and other plumbing problems. Call us today at (412) 364-9114, and we’ll be happy to fix your plumbing, so you can paint over the stains and restore the appearance of your ceiling.