Why your drains keep clogging

It’s a nightmare scenario. You have a drain that just won’t stop clogging. No matter how many times you pour Drano down there or plunge it, it always clogs. Whether it’s your toilet, your kitchen sink, a shower drain, or any other type of drain, you shouldn’t have to worry about unclogging it every time you use it. Period.

How old is your house?

This is the first question I would ask. If you have an older house, chances are, you have older pipes. Older pipes typically clog more easily. If you are indeed dealing with older pipes, you may want to invest in a handy little tool called a drum auger. It’s basically just a plumbing snake that attaches to a cordless drill that helps you force the snake down the entire pipe.

Think of it this way, would you rather use a plain old screwdriver and be there much longer than you have to, or would you rather drill your way to the bottom without any effort? Yup. Probably the latter. The cool thing about the drill is it gets all the way down the pipe to places a hand snake just couldn’t reach. If you’ve gotten a good bit of junk out of your drain using a hand snake, try this and then see how much more you’ll  get out. If this doesn’t work, give us a call.

Are your vents plugged?

There’s a really good chance you have a lot of backup from drains that are running really slow when your drain plumbing vents are clogged. A slow drain is incredibly annoying, and enough to make simple things, such as shaving or brushing your teeth, more of a chore than it should be. If water is coming back out of the drain even after it eventually drains, then you should definitely check that your plumbing vents aren’t plugged. This could potentially solve your issue of your drains constantly clogging.

Why is water from my clothes washer coming up through my bathtub?

This is increasingly more common than you might think. Basically, when this occurs, it means there is a blockage where the drains meet. By the way, this  isn’t an incredibly easy fix. Sure, you can use the fancy snake drill attachment you just bought, but it may not be able to get through all the curves. So, this is probably a good time to just eat your pride and call a plumber before it becomes too much of a disaster.

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