Enhance Your Bathroom with the Right Tub

The type of bathtub you own can greatly influence how happy you are with your home’s bathroom. Some bathtubs are luxurious and expansive, others are more compact and practical. Knowing the difference between these types of bathtubs and the type of bathtub materials that are available can help you pick the kind of bathtub that will make you most happy.

Different Types of Tubs

Everyone is familiar with the standard alcove-shaped bathtubs that are found in homes across the country. These bathtubs are familiar, serviceable and inexpensive, which makes them the bathtub of choice in homes and apartments. Still, there are so many more types of bathtubs to pick from.

  • Walk-in tub: These bathtubs are designed to help seniors age in place and help people with disabilities who want to use bathtubs instead of showers. Walk-in tubs feature a door that allows the user to step inside.
  • Spa bathtub: Spa-style bathtubs feature a whirlpool-like design that massages the users while he or she soaks in the water.
  • Soaking tub: Soaking tubs are built with high walls to hold lots of water, but unlike spa-style bathtubs, soaking tubs don’t have the jets of water to massage the skin.
  • Pedestal tub: These bathtubs are the modern equivalent of clawfoot bathtubs. Free-standing and visually striking, pedestal bathtubs are a beautiful addition to modern bathrooms.

Different Materials

Bathtubs come in a variety of different materials! Acrylic is the standard for many bathtubs, but there are many choices for homeowners who like options.

  • Cast iron: Cast iron tubs retain heat effectively, which makes them perfect for long soaks, however, the weight of cast iron makes this material less practical for many homes. Some modern tubs are still made from cast iron, but many cast iron tubs available on the market are vintage.
  • Porcelain: Steel coated in porcelain mimics the look and feel of a cast iron tub, but at a fraction of the weight. Porcelain tubs are a good option for people who are attracted to cast iron but don’t want the weight and hassle of an actual cast iron tub.
  • Cultured marble: Cultured marble has the look and feel of being natural marble, but is made from a combination of crushed marble and resin. Cultured marble is a good option for homeowners who like to live and bathe in luxury.

Installation of Your Tub

If you’re interested in installing a new bathtub in your home, this is something you can do on your own if you’re handy and strong. To make this easier, we’ve covered bathtub removal and installation in previous posts. If you’re not interested in installing your own bathtub, contact us at Terry’s Plumbing.  At Terry’s Plumbing, we remove old bathtubs and install new bathtubs. Whether you’re seeking installation of a soaking tub or simply want a new standard bathtub, contact Terry’s Plumbing. We’ll be happy to help.