Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips and- Preparing For A Pittsburgh Winter

Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips Before Pittsburgh Winter Hits

The Fall in Pittsburgh can bring a lot of positive images to mind. Colorful leaves, warm apple cider, and tailgating at Heinz field are among the few that come to us at Terry’s Plumbing. However, another important thing to take into consideration is the rapid cooling temperatures that take place in the area. The earnest days of summer are now long behind us as we get ready to head into a piercing winter. This means making the appropriate property adjustments so your home can make it safely through the harsh cold. Here are some plumbing tips that can help you prepare for the winter.

Disconnect your outside hose immediately. If there is any water that is still leftover from the last use, it might freeze. This will cause the water to expand causing any pipes that are connected to it to break.

Get your nearest ladder and make a field trip up to your gutters! Make sure to clear out all of those fallen leaves. This allows water that freezes and then thaws in the winter to have an easy access route to the drain. Remove any other debris that might also be up there too.

Take a look at outside faucets. Make sure none of them are dripping or leaking. If so, you should contact your local plumber or make the repairs yourself before the cold temperatures roll around.

Make sure all of your outside fixtures are shut off and completely drained. These are the most common cause of frozen pipes in the winter time.

Further protect your faucets by covering them with Styrofoam or “hose bibs” that can be used for insulation.

Drain you water heater and clean any debris you find. These shorten the lifespan of the heater and hurt its heating efficiency. Drain by connecting a hose to the faucet and running it to a nearby drain.

Go take a look at your sump pump. Make sure that it is completely clean. Dump a bucket of water on it to ensure that still turns on and pumps water out. Remember, if your sump pump is kept in extremely cold temperatures it may freeze during the winter.

If you plan on leaving the house for extended periods of time, make sure to shut off your main water valve. As well, make sure that you keep your home’s heat at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps your pipes from freezing while you are gone.

Make sure that any crawl spaces and garage doors are kept completely closed off when they are not being used.

Check for any septic backup problems.

Follow these plumbing tips before the winter hits and you’ll be enjoying convenient plumbing in your toasty home. Even the worst of Pittsburgh’s winter temperatures will not influence your plumbing


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