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Can Hard Water Damage Your Plumbing?

Do your drains clog easily and frequently? Do they often accumulate unsightly residue? If yes, you could have a hard water issue.

Plumbing Clogs

Minerals in hard water are too small to clog plumbing on their own.However, hard water does chemically react with soap. This reaction generates soap scum which then hardens as it makes its journey through your pipes. As this residue builds up, it can back up household appliances like your garbage disposal as well as clog drains and toilets.

The more frequently your system experiences clogs, the more pressure is put on your internal pipes. If this repeatedly occurs it can lead to pipe drips, mold buildup, or even flooding of your home. A softening unit is the best solution to prevent these issues if you feel your water poses a threat to your home’s plumbing system.

Limescale Buildup

Hard water doesn’t affect the health of your drinking water, but it can certainly become unsightly on your drains and faucets if left untreated. Limescale, or calcium carbonate, is the buildup of the minerals found in hard water as it passes through your piping system.

It can form anywhere in your home including shower drains, bathtub jets, ice dispensers, and even on the side of your home from your lawn sprinkler. This can happen with stucco, siding, and even brick. 

A softening system that runs your water through negatively charged resin beads before it reaches your faucets can prevent unattractive stains and minimize risk of potential clogging problems in the future.

Interrupting Water Flow

Minute spaces like shower heads that spray and sprinklers are a breeding ground for hard water buildup. Blockages build up quickly rendering these plumbing devices much less effective. Water softening devices can also help in this area of your home. By removing the fine particles in hard water responsible for these blockages, you can increase the lifespan and efficiency of your plumbing system. 

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