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High Tech Gadgets for your Bathroom

To help make teeth brushing, showering, bathing, and even sink scrubbing, more efficient and enjoyable, we’ve put together a list of the best bathroom gadgets. So, whether you’re a shower singer, a tub soaker, or a bathroom social media scroller, we’ve got you covered. Here is our pick of the best bathroom gadgets that will enhance your daily bathroom routines.

Artforma Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror

That’s right, you can now add your bathroom mirror to the list of smart appliances in your home. This bathroom gadget is customizable, so you can choose from a list of features and functions to create a mirror that suits your needs.

A particularly desirable feature is the Bluetooth function which lets you connect your smartphone and play music through the wireless speakers that hide behind the mirror. You can also add in a digital weather station and clock which appears in a corner of the mirror, so you know exactly how late you are, and whether you need a jacket.

There’s also lighting to consider, with a choice of neutral or cold white, or you can also go for the Philips LED light. The backlit look is ideal if you’re after a modern vibe, and if you want to simply wave at your mirror in order for the lights to switch on, you can choose the movement sensor light switch option. The options are endless!

Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Tool

Essentially, this is an electric toothbrush for your tile, sinks, and taps, so you can cut the time your bathroom cleaning chores take in half. The oscillating head moves 10,000 times in a minute, so it should reduce the amount of elbow grease required. It’s ideal for removing nasty grime in your tile grout and reaching those tricky spots that tend to get neglected.

Zadro TWB Towel Warmer

Who doesn’t enjoy stepping out of the shower and being greeted by a warm, fluffy towel? We can’t help you with the fluffiness, but if you purchase a towel warmer, we predict that you’ll enjoy plenty of toasty towels in the future. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might appreciate having a towel warmer in your life:

  •       A towel warmer gives you a pleasant, cozy drying experience, especially in the colder months.
  •       Some towel warmers can help dry your towels after use. This aids in the prevention of mold and mildew.
  •       Towel warmers can help heat up your bathroom, which is great news on cold mornings.

Seura Waterproof Hydra Television

Don’t you hate it when you have to choose between getting current with your favorite TV shows and taking the time to shower? With seura’s waterproof hydra television you don’t. Experience the ultimate extravagance: soaking in a hot bubble bath while watching your favorite shows. You can also save time in the morning when you shower and get your news at the same time.

Moxie Showerhead

This showerhead has an enabled wireless speaker system that allows you to listen to up to 7 hours of music, news, or podcasts while showering. Instead of cranking your radio up so you can hear it over the water, you can now listen through your showerhead. Whether you’re whipping your hair back and forth or just washing it, this showerhead pretty much guarantees pruned fingers are in your future.

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