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The Top 3 Most Horrifying Plumbing Problems

The year 2020 is almost over, but you shouldn’t let your guard down. These three horrifying plumbing problems are sure to make your skin crawl and could happen when you least expect it!

Snake in the toilet

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, but what about snakes in your toilet? Yes, this can happen–snakes can crawl through your pipes and into your toilet. Snakes can find their way into your system in several different ways. It’s a possibility for them to chase prey–like mice and rats–into storm drains or damaged pipes. While other times, snakes enter your pipes through a leaking septic system. Once inside, it is quite easy for snakes to swim and maneuver from pipe to pipe, through water and into your toilet. However, this occurrence is extremely unlikely; snakes don’t enter pipes very frequently, but if they do they don’t ever make it very far. Just think of this as one more, rather compelling reason to remember to put the lid down after you use the toilet.

Exploding water heater

A standard water heater is a large, cylindrical, metal tank that heats and stores hot water. The heating element inside the tank is what is responsible for heating the stored water. As the system heats up, the water within the system naturally expands, strains against the side of the tank and creates excess pressure. Over time the excess pressure could cause leaks, ruptures, or in the more extreme case an explosion. Normally, water heaters do have countermeasures–for example a thermostat and a temperature pressure valve–to prevent situations like this from happening. Both of these countermeasures should step in and shut off the system if the temperature or pressure gets to a dangerous level. However, to prevent something like this from happening, performing regular maintenance on your water heater is recommended.

Mold Manifestation

Mold thrives and grows in damp and dark places–this means that plumbing leaks within your home’s structure can create the perfect environment. If you notice mold growth on your walls, along your baseboards or near your plumbing, you most likely have a leak in your pipes. This is an immediate concern because mold is hard to get rid of and it can become a health and safety hazard. If you find mold in your home it’s recommended to get the source of the leak fixed immediately. This will put an end to further damage and allow you to focus on a mold removal plan.

Super Terry Can Help!

The good news is that each of these terrifying problems is completely preventable! Super Terry can help you stay on top of your plumbing maintenance, and you’ll be sure to survive whatever horrors your home can throw at you.