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How do Wave Pools Work?

Modern civilization is filled with artificial re-creations of nature. One of those inventions is the artificial ocean shore, also known as the wave pool. These popular water park attractions are regimented revisions of the wild, organic surfs created by nature. In wave pools, the water is chlorinated, the beach is concrete and the waves arrive like clockwork, once every few minutes. But how do these pools create the perfect wave? Keep on reading to find out!

Man-Made Waves

Various kinds of machines are used to replicate ocean waves. Below we cover the 5 main types of technologies.

  1. Air compression technology – This type of wave generation technology creates wind by using a vacuum and pressure inside a custom concrete chamber. This pressure is then forced through an opening at the bottom of each chamber and released into open water creating a swell. These air compression ‘jets’ can be fired in any particular sequence to create almost any type of wave.
  2. Hydrofoil Technology – Hydrofoil wave pools use a galvanized steel blade that is pulled underwater along a track, powered by a gearless drive system, down the side or middle of a body of water. When pulled, the submerged foil displaces the water and pushes out a wake that forms a wave.
  3. Lever technologyThis technology uses small levers that fire off inside a module to push out waves. You can even create waves of different shapes and sizes.  To do so, you would use the software that controls the levers, from there you can modify the size, frequency, shape, and power of the wave created.
  4. Plunger technology – Technically, these waves are powered by compressed air–air moves the lever that pushes the plunger down to send waves out in rings. This type of technology is the least common and is normally found in locations where pools are unable to be built. Instead, they are built in lakes. The bottom of these lakes are designed so that as the wave diffuses from the center, it forms different breaks on each side for different waves and conditions.
  5. Water dumping technology – Water dumping is when water is pumped into a reservoir tank and once the tank is full, it can be suddenly released into the main pool. This force displaces the water and creates a wave. The water dumping method doesn’t have as much specific control over the size and shape of waves but, dumping more water does increase the size and strength of the wave.

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