How To: Cleaning Your Shower Head

How To: Cleaning Your Shower Head

After an intense workout at the gym or a long day at work, it’s understandable to be excited to hop in the shower. However, if your shower head is dirty, you’ll likely be disappointed with the results. Your bathroom needs a little TLC every now and then, which occasionally calls for a thorough shower head cleaning!

At Terry’s Plumbing, we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind! Our team is happy to share top-notch plumbing tips to keep your bathroom fixture clean! Read ahead to learn the causes of a filthy shower head and how you can keep it working at peak performance.

Signs Your Shower Head Needs Cleaning

The water that runs through your showerhead carries calcium and other mineral deposits. So, water with a high mineral content is known as “hard water” and can look cloudy. This can also leave a greasy residue on your skin, making it hard to get clean. Mineral deposits can clog the fixture and create bacteria, which causes:

  • Low water pressure
  • Nozzles in shower head that don’t spray
  • Green and white crust on nozzle
  • Sideways and uneven spraying water
  • Pink and orange slime buildup around nozzle

Neglecting to clean the attachment can permanently damage the fixture. You may need to invest in costly repairs and replacement parts, which is a preventable hassle! Bacteria can also expose your family members to health hazards and potential illnesses.

Shower Head Cleaning Methods

Professionals recommend disinfecting your showerhead at least once a month. The process will eliminate the possibility of hard water and mineral deposits clogging the nozzles. Disinfecting your fixture will also prevent bacteria from building up in the spout. There are multiple ways you can clean your attachment– a few of which are:

  1. Soaking In Vinegar – You can disconnect your fixture and clean it by allowing it to soak in a bowl of white vinegar. Vinegar is an inexpensive and nontoxic solution, acting as an effective cleaner for your showerhead. The substance helps remove thick hard water deposits and other buildup. You can allow the attachment to soak overnight for the best removal results.
  1. Scrubbing The Nozzles – Mineral deposits can become lodged into the nozzles of your showerhead. You can clean these spouts using a toothbrush and vinegar. Household all-purpose cleaners work well for cleaning, but be cautious! Some cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage the chrome finish on these fixtures.

Reliable Bathroom Plumbing Services In Pittsburgh

If you’re experiencing a filthy or dysfunctional showerhead, the team at Terry’s Plumbing is here to help! As a homeowner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in good hands. With our knowledge and expertise, we’re here to give you reliable plumbing tips for any inconvenience. If you require plumbing services, give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer!