How To Clear A Green Swimming Pool

Clearing a green swimming pool takes experience and knowledge of the way swimming pools function. If you’ve never taken care of a swimming pool in the past and have no knowledge of restoring chemical balance to swimming pools, then this project may be a little advanced for you. When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, it’s a good idea to start with simple tasks and work your way up to more advanced maintenance later. That said, if you’re already somewhat experienced with swimming pool maintenance, then this is the right task for you.

Clear the Swimming Pool

Use your net to remove any debris from your swimming pool. Don’t use mechanical tools to remove the debris, especially if the pool is so green that you can’t see the bottom. Unseen debris may be too large for your hand skimmer, which could cause it to become clogged. Use a brush to clean the walls and floors of the pool. The brush will remove algae and other growth. If you can’t see the bottom or sides of the pool, then this could take time. Be patient and remove as much of the debris as you can.

Adjust the pH of the Pool

Take a professional reading of the pool by having your pool water tested by a local pool store. Once you know the reading, adjust the pH of the pool until it is neither too acidic or too alkaline. If the pool water is too far off the charts, you may need to drain part of the pool with a submersible pump, run the filter for 24 hours, then adjust the pH of the pool from there.

Shock the Pool

Shocking the pool is the process of adding a large dosage of chlorine to the water. Add several gallons of chlorine to the pool, then wait a day and add several more gallons if the water hasn’t cleared up.

Run the Filter

Run the filter continuously, back washing as needed. The water may clog the filter frequently during this process, so you may need to backwash quite a few times to make an impact. If you have a Diatomaceous Earth skimmer, add more DE to the filter closest to the skimmer once each backwash is complete.

Keep running the filter until the water clears, then clean out any remaining debris. This process may take several days, so be patient.

For more information, we recommend watching this informative online video series:

Know Where to Go For Help

If your process doesn’t work, there could be a problem with your pool equipment, filter, or pool plumbing. If your pool’s plumbing has a problem, contact Terry’s Plumbing. For 30 years, we have proudly served the people of Pittsburgh, helping them with leaks, clogs and other problems. We’ll be happy to help you too!