How to Find the Model Number of Your Toilet

How to Find the Model Number of Your Toilet

In the grand saga of home improvements, few tales are as humbling as the search for the perfect toilet part. Whether you’re attempting a DIY repair or planning a full-on upgrade, it’s an adventure that often ends with a question that many don’t know how to answer: “What’s the model number of your toilet?”

For the uninitiated, this seemingly straightforward inquiry can trigger a headache of heroic proportions. But fear not, dear DIY enthusiast. We’re about to unravel the mystery behind those cryptic sequences of numbers and letters that could save you hours of frustration in the plumbing aisle.

Why Does it Matter?

Well, knowing your toilet’s model number is a bit like having the key to a treasure chest full of bathroom repair and cosmetic upgrade possibilities. This alphanumeric code, usually located somewhere inside the tank or stamped on the bowl, is unique to your porcelain throne.

Without it, getting the right replacement part for your flush system, tank, or bowl becomes a game of chance; you could end up with a flapper valve that’s too fat, a flush handle that’s too short, or an entire tank assembly that doesn’t fit the design of your bowl.

How to Find it

Peeking Inside the Tank – The easiest place to find your toilet’s model number is inside the tank. Simply take off the lid (carefully!), and set it down somewhere safe. You should see the number etched on the porcelain or printed on a label. It might be obscured by water or limescale, so have a sponge handy to clean it up for a clearer read.

Searching the Bowl – Sometimes, it’s tough to get inside the tank. Fear not; the model number could also be found by looking between the seat and the water tank, just under the rim of the bowl. This method is more common with newer models that are built this way for easy reading.

Now That You’ve Found it…

Congratulations! You’ve found the holy grail. Armed with this alphanumerical scripture, you can correctly identify whether you have an AquaSource, American Standard, Toto, or Kohler toilet and select the appropriate parts at your local hardware store.

With the model number, you can easily find:

  • The correct flush valve size and type
  • Matching tank-to-bowl hardware kits
  • Flappers, handles, and trip levers in the style and finish that suits your bathroom theme
  • Toilet seats or bidet seats to fit your bowl’s dimensions
  • Specialized parts for smart or pressure-assisted toilets

The Wisdom of Calling In Expert

If your toilet is a vintage heirloom, or you’re dealing with an unusual design, it’s sometimes best to seek the guidance of a plumbing professional or the manufacturer directly. Terry’s Plumbing, can offer sage advice or even assist with installation of the correct parts for a worry-free renovation. Call us today to set up an appointment!