How to Keep Your White Bathroom White

How to Keep Your White Bathroom White

It’s impossible to deny the modern, clean appeal of a white bathroom — clean being the operative word. A white bathroom with dust gathering in the corners or discolored grout just doesn’t have the same charm. But have no fear if you’re considering a white bathroom, or already have one. It is possible to keep it sparkling.

To get to the bottom of exactly how you can keep your white bathroom looking spiffy, keep on reading!

Plan Ahead With Sealer

If you’re still in the planning stages of your bathroom, consider how you’ll seal the white marble or tile surfaces. The sealing is very important to avoid stains, chips, and nicks; it’s even recommended that you polish and reseal your marble or tile surfaces once per year to keep them in tip top shape. Though, be sure to ask your contractor about how your specific surfaces will react to a sealer first.

Embrace The Power Of Sponges

Spot a scuff on your wall? Don’t run for white paint. In most cases, painting over a small mark will leave a slightly different color than the original paint. Instead, try sponges. A Magic Eraser sponge is extremely efficient for marks on the wall or doors. It’s not abrasive, so you can use it against a lot of different paints, and it doesn’t show on the walls after you use it.

Put Down The Bleach

Not only can bleach harm or discolor delicate surfaces if used repeatedly over time, if it’s not rinsed off completely, it may leave behind strong smells that you or your guests are sensitive to. If you do choose to use bleach in your bathroom, dilute it and then use it on targeted surfaces.

Protect Your Grout

Resist the temptation to scrub your grout lines down with a toothbrush; it won’t keep mold and other gunk at bay. Instead, it’s worth investing in a grout-cleaning “rake” that will scrape out any grime in the grout (you can find these at most home stores). After you’ve cleaned the grout, apply a silicone paste to prevent mold and marks.

Don’t Just Sweep

To keep your white bathroom floors spotless, it’s imperative to pick up every piece of hair and fuzz — something brooms or mops can’t always accomplish. Instead, use a broom to get large pieces of debris first, then go in with a vacuum to get into corners and suck up small pieces you may have missed. Once that is done, you can move on to mopping!

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