How To Warm That Cold Toilet Seat

The cold weather is finally here, and all across the Pittsburgh metro area, residents are experiencing problems. School closings. Delays. Frozen pipes.

And cold toilet seats.

While not life-threatening or important in the grand scheme of things, cold toilet seats can still suck the fun out of life, one chilly flush at a time. If you’re tired of dealing with the cold and are now looking for extra comfort in your bathroom this winter, the following solutions will help you stay warm and happy while doing your private business.

Use Toilet Seat Sock Covers

For this fun and easy project, you’ll need a pair of clean, large athletic socks. Slide one sock over each section of the toilet seat. Voila! While not exactly classy, the toilet seat sock cover is a good way to shelter your bare bottom from your toilet’s cold hard plastic seat. We recommend changing the socks regularly to ensure cleanliness.

Change Your Toilet Seat

If you have a plastic toilet seat, swapping your toilet seat for a warmer material that more easily retains body heat will help. For example:

  • Wood. While not super warm, wooden seats retain heat better than plastic.
  • Padded. Padded toilet seats are just comfortable all around. They warm quickly when sat upon, and they provide a cushion that’s practically more comfortable than some recliners.
  • Fuzzy padded. If a standard padded toilet seat isn’t warm enough, the fuzzy padded toilet seat provides extra comfort. As a bonus, this type of toilet seat has a funky aesthetic that looks great in a child’s bathroom.

Buy a Heated Toilet…

The next time you have $1,700 to spend on something frivolous, we recommend purchasing this uber-fancy bidet with electric seat warmer.

…Or Heat the Toilet Seat Artificially

Assuming you’re coming up a little short for that fancy heated toilet mentioned above, you can achieve the same effect by heating the toilet seat with your hair dryer.

Or, Check Out this Seat Warmer

The Toastie Tush is a seat warmer that attaches to standard toilet covers and heats the seat. It’s cheaper than the electric bidet (it retails for around $50), and classier than the hair dryer. All in all, this product presents a perfect middle ground for everyday folks who just want their toilet seat to feel warm and toasty.

Now we’d like to hear from you. Have you tried the Toastie Tush or the pink fuzzy toilet cover pad? Or do you have another method you use to heat your seat? Do you pay your child to sit on the pot during school closures? Run a hot water line through your toilet?

Leave your comments below. If you have more questions about ways that you can make your bathroom more comfortable this winter, contact Terry’s Plumbing. We’re happy to help!