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Hydro Jetting: Is it for You?

When it comes to clogged pipes, hydro-jetting is the nuclear option. After liquid uncloggers, plungers and snakes fail, it’s this process that will finally get things running again. The best part about hydro-jetting is, it not only unclogs your pipes, it cleans them as well. But how does the hydro-jetting process work? Is it right for your situation? Continue reading this article for all the information you need!

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a plumbing solution used by professionals to remove all the debris and build-up that is stopping water from flowing smoothly. It makes use of pressurized water to clean the toughest clogs and is non-invasive. Keep in mind that before the hydro jetting can be done, your plumbing must be inspected by a licensed professional.

The Hydro Jetting Method

The process is pretty simple–think of hydro-jetting, as power washing for your pipes. Hydro jetting is achieved when a very forceful stream of water between 3,000 and 8,000 PSI is forced into the sewer line. This stream of water is strong enough to clear out any clog in its way, including tree roots, grease and hair. Other than unclogging tough clogs, jetting can remove sand, debris or whatever else gets stuck in your plumbing.

There’s no better way to unclog your pipes than with hydro-jetting. This process works best when it is done regularly. A yearly hydro-jetting service ensures your pipes stay flowing just as they did when they were first installed. It’s also a fairly quick process that can save you a lot of headaches.

How do you Know you Need It?

Depending on the severity of your clog and the impact it has on your plumbing system, hydro jetting may be the only solution to clear all the debris within the pipes. Depending on the age of your home and when the last preventative maintenance was performed, there may be a build-up of gunk that could be the root cause of your issue(s). Below is a small list of warning signs you should be on the lookout for, these are a good indication on if you should have your pipes hydro jetted.

  1. Slow Draining Pipes – One of the most apparent signs of blockages in your pipes comes from slow drainage. Unfortunately, it’s common for homeowners to ignore slow draining pipes until the problem becomes a severe issue. While some might opt for over-the-counter drain cleaners, it’s not always a permanent fix. There are also chemicals in these cleaners that can be very abrasive and corrosive to your pipes, so it’s best to call in the pros.
  2.  Noisy Pipes – Sounds such as gurgling, are yet another sign that you might need hydro jetting. That gurgling sound typically means there’s a large amount of air in your pipes where there shouldn’t be. Clogs in vent stacks can also cause loud noises in your pipes, so it’s essential to clean them out routinely.
  3.  Smelly Drains – Smelly drains can be as simple as requiring cleaning of your P-trap–however, it can be something much more severe. If you are experiencing strange odors from any of your drains, you should call a plumber right away to identify the problem. Hydro jetting is almost always at the top of the list of solutions for this concern.

Please keep in mind that hydro jetting may not be suitable for your household depending on the age of your plumbing system and IS NOT a job that can be DIYed. This is why it’s important to have a licensed plumber evaluate your pipes beforehand.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

  1.  It Saves Money – Although hydro jetting costs a bit more than snaking techniques, in the long run it will save you money. Why? As mentioned before, hydro jetting clears the entire pipe, eliminating future problems—and future service calls. Hydro jetting is also very efficient, often taking less time than traditional methods. If you happen to be dealing with a plumber that charges by the hour, this can result in substantial savings.
  2.  It’s Sanitary – Although your professional plumber will be doing the dirty work, sanitation is still important. With traditional methods, there is a risk of debris and sewage possibly coming into contact not only with the worker, but also with the home and surrounding environment. The speed of hydro jetting means less time and less contact with contaminants.
  3.  It’s Environmentally Friendly – Some might consider the amount of water used in hydro jetting as an environmental waste, but it’s not. Compared to chemicals and procedures involved in traditional methods, hydro jetting is much more environmentally-friendly. It’s even safe for homes and buildings located near water sources such as rivers, ponds and lakes.
  4. Great Preventative Maintenance – Hydro jetting is a great way to prevent future plumbing problems. Since it thoroughly cleans pipes in addition to unclogging them, you are doing yourself and your home a huge favor. In fact, it’s a great procedure to have done when you move into a new home or building.

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