Learn When to Call a Pittsburgh Plumber


Not every single plumbing issue in your home will require a Pittsburgh plumber, though many of them might. With a little prevention, you can avoid many of the issues that people often call plumbers for, from clogged drains to backed-up toilets. However, it can be hard to know when, exactly, you need to call a plumber.



When You Should Call a Pittsburgh Plumber

  • Cold showers (or other water). If your hot water isn’t so hot anymore, you might need the help of a plumber to take warm showers again. That’s because a lack of hot water could be caused by any number of things, from a leak to faulty elements in your appliances. Contacting a Pittsburgh plumber could save you from having to track down this emergency yourself – plus, in many cases, these situations require specialized knowledge and tools to resolve successfully.

  • Changing out your water heater. So maybe your hot water is fine, but you want to upgrade to an energy-efficient model or you’re just looking for a change. While you might be tempted to do it yourself, it can often be simpler and easier to hire a Pittsburgh plumber. Carrying a hot water heater is no easy task, especially if it’s located in your basement. Plus, replacing it and removing the old water heater can be challenging. Let the pros handle this one.

  • Damaged pipes. Any pipe damage requires a Pittsburgh plumber. It really is just that simple. While yes, you can find DIY manuals and information online, there’s no good substitute for years of expertise. A certified plumber in Pittsburgh will have a better feel for how to replace and patch pipes. Attempting it yourself could turn a supposed “quick DIY fix” into an expensive nightmare.

  • Sewer line issues. We’ve explained before that there are multiple solutions to a sewer line backup. These types of issues require specialized equipment and knowledge, no matter which method of fixing it you choose. A plumber in Pittsburgh is your best bet for a fast and efficient fix for sewer blockages and backups. Make sure that you’ve got a good plumber on your side for problems related to your sewer.

  • Minor issues need a professional. If you’ve followed our advice, you won’t leave small plumbing problems until they become big issues. However, if you have a collection of small plumbing issues, consider having them fixed all at once. You’ll likely save time and money, while making sure that your home’s plumbing is safe and in good condition.

Although it can be tempting to look for do-it-yourself solutions for common plumbing problems, remember that a professional has training and experience that you may lack. Hiring a professional plumber in Pittsburgh could be a great solution for your home. If you’re facing one of these issues, think about calling a Pittsburgh plumber.


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