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Mother’s Day DIY Plumbing Fixes to Surprise Mom

Struggling with what to get mom for Mother’s Day? How can you still celebrate her on Mother’s Day without buying another useless present? Well, we think a few plumbing fixes could be the perfect treat for her. Many people have a list of things that need to be done, things that just aren’t quite bad enough to call a plumber, but at the same time are annoying or inconvenient. Try these easy Mother’s Day DIY plumbing projects to really show mom you love her. 

If you don’t already know what those things are for your mother, ask, or just start checking around the house. They might be obvious. Here are a couple of the most common around the house things someone might need help with.

Install a New Shower Head

A leaky, weak or rusty shower head is a real downer. There are tons of new options out there. Help your mom upgrade. You only need a few things to get this job done: a new shower head, wide mouth plies, plumbers tape and maybe a shower arm and flange. Once you’ve collected those few items it’s time to get started.

Use the pliers to remove the old shower head. If you’ve got the arm and flange, remove those as well. Replace the shower arm with your new one and slide the shiny new flange over it. Take your plumber’s tape and wrap it clockwise around the end of the shower arm.

Screw the new shower head on to the end of the arm and hand tighten it. Once done, put a rag over the spot base of the new head and use the pliers to tighten it a quarter turn. Turn on your shower to check for leaks and voila! New shower head. If you do see any leaks, tighten the shower head ¼ inch at a time.

Unclog a Slow Drain

We all have one, right? We put up with it for a little while before we finally get around to fixing it. If your mom has a drain she’s been ignoring, maybe that’s something you can help her with. It’s a simple Mother’s Day DIY plumbing project that’s sure to relieve your mom’s frustrations and get you some serious bonus points. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a non-toxic drain opener that you probably already have the ingredients for right at home. All you’ll need is baking soda, vinegar and boiling water.

Start by pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain. Next, dump about a cup of baking soda down there as well. Let that sit for a few minutes before pouring a mixture of one cup of vinegar and one cup of very hot water on top of it. If you have a drain cover, use it to force the reaction to stay in the drain. Let it set for five to ten minutes and then flush with another pot of boiling water. You may want to turn the faucet on hot and let it flush out more for a minute or so after.

Call Super Terry for Bigger Plumbing Needs

Mother’s Day DIY plumbing projects are a great way to give your mom a unique and practical gift. However, if mom’s got a real plumbing problem, she’d definitely appreciate you calling the professionals. Super Terry has you and mom covered all year long. Give us a call at 412-364-9114 or visit our contact page.