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Plumbing questions to ask when buying a new home

Purchasing a new home is a huge decision and making sure your plumbing needs are met before you move in is crucial. Read our latest post below for the most important plumbing questions to ask before moving into a new home. 

Has the main sewer ever clogged?

When purchasing a home it’s always important to know whether the main sewer has ever clogged. Ask the previous homeowners if they know the reason why. If yes, it likely needs an inspection or repair before you move in. The pipe connecting the home to the main city sewer can degrade over time and lead clogs or a pipe collapse if not well maintained. Asking your plumber to do a camera inspection of the main line before you purchase your home is essential if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, headache, or cost of the repair.

How old are the water heaters?

On average, water heaters have a lifespan of about 10 years. This timeframe is highly dependent on water quality, how the water is being heated, regular maintenance and the installation process. Keep in mind water heaters used in homes and in faucets tend to have shorter lives because they’re used so often. 


Before you purchase a home, ask where the location of the tank is. If it leaks, will it stain? When the heater pan overflows water damage occurs. Carpets, drywall, and hardwood floors are all susceptible to this damage. Licensed plumbers can look up the serial number and model of your heater to determine if it is up to current code and working safely. Ask your plumber to take a look before you move in so you can know how old it is and if it’s in need of a replacement. 

What’s the condition of the toilets?

Check the base of all the toilets in a prospective home for untreated leaks. They tend to appear in the form of discoloration or warping around the base of the toilet. Water leaks left untreated can rot the subfloor or finished floor. Use your foot to see if the floor around the base has any give, the toilet should be sturdy and unable to be moved at all.

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