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Don’t Be “That Guy” (or Girl): Office Restroom Etiquette

In-office work has several benefits, from enhanced collaboration and the ability to foster workplace relationships to having access to major company resources. The one thing that isn’t always so great is the public restroom situation. Maybe the toilet paper roll is always left empty, or the sink is splashed with water. Whatever the case, navigating office restroom etiquette is challenging but essential. Keep your routine in check with a few tips to avoid being “that guy” (or girl). 

Always Replenish Supplies

You sit down to do your business and there’s no TP on the roll. You’re not pleased when this happens to you, but you can be better than your officemates. In small offices, you’ll usually have access to essential restroom supplies, so observe good office restroom etiquette by changing the empty roll. 

The same holds true for various supplies. When the soap is low and a refill bottle is available, feel free to take a moment to refill the bottle. Or, if the paper towels are dwindling, check and see if the supply closet has extra. Of course, access to the essentials for larger public restrooms may differ. If this is the case, make a point to alert the appropriate personnel of the restroom conditions. 

Don’t Leave a Mess

Aside from having all of the essentials available, restroom cleanliness is a must-have for many. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the toilet habits of our coworkers frequently leave a lot to be desired. There isn’t much worse than heading into a stall and having to prep the area extensively before taking a much-needed break. 

It’s impolite and pretty unpleasant to have to clean up someone else’s bathroom messes. Toilet splashes happen (especially with industrial-grade toilets), so try to wipe up the seat after. You should also keep toilet paper and paper towels off the floor.

Additionally, in small office spaces, men and women often share single restrooms. If this is the case, it’s especially important to observe gender-specific restroom etiquette (but also important to observe all the time). Ladies should be mindful of properly disposing feminine hygiene products, while gents ought to ensure that the toilet seat is put back down.

Keep it Fresh

Aside from keeping the restroom(s) clean, you’ll want it to smell that way, too. Make sure you flush after each and every visit. No one wants to walk into a stall and be greeted by an unflushed number two. In conjunction with this, especially during those restroom breaks, use some air freshener to make the space more inviting for later visitors. Several companies even have use-before-you-go sprays to help reduce unpleasant odors. 

Trust Terry’s Plumbing for Office Plumbing Problems

You really don’t want to be “that guy” (or girl) when it comes to polite office restroom etiquette. Colleagues shouldn’t dread the state of affairs upon using the facilities after you, and observing a few key hygiene and cleanliness habits can make all the difference. There are some mishaps that happen unexpectedly, however, like clogged toilets or leaking sinks. If your workplace restroom is in a state of disrepair, give us a call to get back to maximum efficiency.