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Our Latest Google+ Reviews

The masses have spoken! This post compiles some of the most glowing compliments our customers have bestowed upon us and we’re proud of our good work. Take a look for yourself.

“Terry’s quote was $3,900…that’s less than 1/3 the other two guys! Within an hour of Terry being there, there were 3 new guys at the house with a small backhoe getting to work on removing the old line. That was Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday mid-day, I had a new main-line and the work was complete, no hassles at all. 

“The best thing about this is that I told the first two guys that showed up how much the other companies quoted to replace that same line. Terry’s could have quoted me just a few thousand dollars under the other guys’ quotes, and I would have still gone with Terry’s…but he didn’t do that; he gave me a fair price even knowing he could have made more money and I would have still been happy. I will definitely be using Terry’s for any plumbing jobs in the future!”

-Ted Kuhn

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

“I called Terry for replacement of a 550 foot gas line. He was prompt in all return calls, was very fair on price and was actually concerned about making sure the job was finished even after we paid. I appreciate the professionalism and job well done. Thank you!”

-Noah Paul Fardo

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Very goodGas hot water heater cracked at 600 am called at 745 am and they began installing the new one at 820 am and for the quoted price. Could not ask for faster service or a better price very happy with Terry’s.”

-Todd Rich

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

“I have an older duplex in Pittsburgh. Basement never flooded until this summer. First plumbing company was extremely over priced and I felt they tried to take advantage of the situation. Then I had three other plumber flake – either not call back or no show. Then Terry came out. Long story short he fixed my problem (tree roots destroyed pipe in front yard) and he did not over charge me. Was half of what one of the other Pittsburgh plumbers wanted to charge. He did a good job.”

-Brian Fenters

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

“Awesome service from RickHe was very thorough in explaining the issue and potential future issues as well as answering all my questions and giving me advice for around the house.”

-Kyle Holgate

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Thanks to everyone who left such kind feedback about our services! At Terry’s Plumbing, pride of workmanship and customer relationships are what make our day-to-day work all worthwhile. We’re honored when our customers take the time out of their busy schedules to leave positive feedback. You can read all of our Google reviews by visiting our Google+ page.

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2 thoughts on “Our Latest Google+ Reviews”

  1. Stephanie Grimes says:

    I really want to know how to leave honest reviews about how much of a Blessing it is tha Terry is Soo HONEST in Pricing, Advice, Services, annd how Fast with Same Day Service etc. And Friendly he is! 🤗 Its Reeally Hard to find sum1 that acts like your Caring Father or Friend, and will travel the distance for mearly price of gas and do it with a Smile! ***THANNK YOU SOO MUCH TERRY!*** It Also gives me JOY to be Able to refer ALL of my New Friends and Neighbors in the area to you! My family and friends back Home Wish that they had someone like you near Them Too, but are soo Thankful We found you aftr moving here and almost getting charged 10 times the amount for the same services in last 2 yrs. If All ppl were as kind and honest as You, this World would be Filled with Peace and JoY!🤗😀🙇✌👌❤💖💓

  2. Mark E. Kennedy says:

    December 16, 2017 2:00 PM
    Called Terry’s Plumbing on Sat afternoon after a DIY 25 year old shower/tub faucet cartridge repair project required a professional. This was my third call for a plumbing professional on a Saturday afternoon. The other two were “gone” for the day or holiday party to attend. Admin returned my call immediately and Joe showed up one half hour later. Great customer response. Joe was polite, professionally dressed and in a professional looking business van. Joe worked to complete DIY cartridge replacement at my request but stilled leaked. Discussed with Joe options of installing shut off valves at the tub to at least get the water back on in the house or replace shower faucet now and be done with it. Got estimate to replace and had Moen parts in his van. No time wasted there. Finished job in a couple of hours. “Watched” Joe the entire time doing professional level job – removing boots on white carpet, covering carpet with sheet and neat with installing finished tub/shower replacement parts. Overall, excellent professional job. Willing to work with you to achieve a good finished repair in a timely manner. For the plumbing that was repaired, cost was reasonable. Hats off to Terry’s Plumbing. Five stars out of five. I would highly recommend their services for plumbing. Only opportunities for improvement would be to include button at top of website for writing reviews. LOL. Took me to long to find this window. Mark

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