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How Pet Hair Ruins Washing Machines

Pet hair gets everywhere–good thing blankets, sheets and clothes can be washed. But do you know how much damage pet hair can do to your washing machine? 

What Pet Hair Does to your Washer  

There is no denying that everyone loves their pets–one thing no one is fond of though is the amount of hair they leave behind. Pet hair is not just a problem for owners, but it is also a problem for your washing machine! What most pet parents don’t know is that over time pet hair can ruin your washing machine. When you add water to pet hair it instantly clumps. These clumps can block the small drainage holes in the machine’s drum or block the main drainage hose. 

Prevention is Best 

The best way to preserve your washing machine is to practice preventative care–that means dealing with the pet hair before putting your laundry in the washer. Methods can vary depending on the items being put in your washing machine. A quick fix for clothing is to use a lint roller or masking tape to pick up loose hair.

Next, for your bedding, put on a rubber glove and swipe it across the article of bedding. Excess hair or hair embedded in the fabric will ball up and stick to the glove making it easy to throw away. Another option is to toss the item in the dryer first along with a dryer sheet. If you let the dryer run on a no heat cycle for 10 minutes, the dryer sheet will loosen pet hair so that it gets caught in your dryer’s lint trap.

Finally, for pet bedding the best and most efficient way to remove hair before washing is to use a vacuum attachment. The powerful suction of the vacuum will pull embedded pet hair out of the bedding with ease. Not to mention using a vacuum attachment will save you a lot of time. When using this technique, it’s recommended that you pay special attention to corners and tufting because that is where the most hair collects. Once the pet bedding is washed, place it in the dryer with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets will reduce static and aid in the removal of any remaining hair.  

Clean your Washing Machine

After all your clothes and bedding are clean you have one more thing to do–clean your washing machine! The best way to do this is to first run an empty cycle. This rinses away any hair and debris that could lead to a clog. Next, you should wipe down the drum of your machine to disinfect it. Doing so also gives you another chance to make sure all the excess hair is gone. Finally, you should check the drain for clumps of hair or stuck debris. On most machines the drain located on the front of your machine underneath a metal panel.

Washing Machine not Draining?

Washing your clothes and keeping your pet’s bed smelling fresh is an important part of keeping things in your home clean. However, you won’t be able to do that with a clogged machine drain! Terry’s plumbing is your solution for all things clogged, give us a call today at (412) 364-9114 so we can get things back up and running.