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Plumbing 101: How to Hide Pedestal Sink Plumbing

Pedestal sinks are a space saver that can add an elegant touch to any bathroom. The downside is that they can also show off the plumbing that snakes beneath the sink bowl, and this is not a pretty sight. There are a few ways to hide the pedestal sink plumbing or other unsightly obstructions–continue reading for tips and tricks.

Increasing Storage Space

An under-the-sink vanity cabinet is designed to fit snugly around the bottom of the pedestal sink. It provides shelving for any items that can be stored behind closed doors for a neat and tidy look.

An under-the-sink pedestal cabinet is easy to install. Measure the area that you want to cover to find a cabinet that will adequately conceal the space beneath the sink. A carved-out niche allows the vanity cabinet to slide beneath the sink.

Curtains to Conceal Pipes

A cloth sink skirt kit can be easily attached to the basin of the pedestal sink. To find the one that fits your sink, measure the height of the sink and the bowl circumference. The curtain should wrap around the bowl and reach the floor to cover the area under the sink completely.

To install a skirt kit, first, start by cleaning the bowl thoroughly and allow it to dry. Make sure no bits of linen or fibers are left behind. Take the paper backing off the Velcro strip and press it against the bowl a couple of inches at a time until fully adhered.

Add a Coat of Paint to your Pipes

Visit a home improvement or hardware store to find paint that’s safe to use on metal or PVC piping. Choose a color that matches the tiling, walls, or some other feature in your room, so your pipes blend in. Once you choose a color, it’s time to paint!

Don’t forget to read the guidelines on your paint can, to see how long the paint will take to dry. While you probably won’t bump into the pipes while you use the sink, it’s important to keep in mind the days and hours after you apply the paint.

Folding Screens and Other Quick Fixes

A quick fix for unsightly pipes beneath the sink is a stand-alone folding screen. A foldable fireplace screen can work in a pinch and is ideal for areas that need a large covering, they also come in a variety of widths, heights, and styles.

Vases, oversized jars, baskets, and other decorative items that are tall and wide can also obscure piping or at least create a stylish space under the sink. Wide-mouthed jars can be filled with cotton balls, rolled towels, or other items to increase storage as well. If you don’t have anything on hand, visit your local furniture store or any container store that sells storage bins or baskets.

Time for a Remodel?

Terry’s Plumbing bathroom remodeling division can make your plain “old” bathroom into your own unique place. Remodeling may be the perfect option for owners that wish to replace their out-of-date fixtures with new and refreshing ones that will make your bathroom stand out. For more information give us a call today!