Plumbing News Roundup: December 2023

Plumbing News Roundup: December 2023

A lot is happening in the plumbing industry in the month of December. Continue reading our news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Water Heater That Helps Cut Man-Animal Conflict Wins UN Award

Three years ago, when she was still using a chulha to heat water for bathing, Jaindra Khobragade – an ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker in Nanded village in Bramhapuri forest area of ​​Chandrapur district – had to walk nearly 5 miles to get firewood in the jungle. In addition to the physical strain, there was a very real threat: an encounter with a tiger. Now, she has the “bumbb”; a tall black cylindrical radiator in her house that shortens her trips to find firewood and multiplies the amount of water she can heat at once.

This new water heater was distributed to households at a 75% subsidy to reduce human-wildlife conflict in the tiger corridor. “Bumbb”–as locals call the energy-efficient, biomass-powered water heater–recently won the prestigious UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity 2023 from the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT).

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State Funds To Dry Up For Lead Pipe Replacement Program

Mayor Gary McCarthy reported that Schenectady stopped replacing pipes after its $516,565 LSLR cash pool dried up about a year ago. The city lawmaker was among a number of mayors and lawmakers who advocated in Albany earlier this year for those in power to allocate $50 million to the LSLR. However, this never made it into the state’s final spending plan.

Now local officials are considering possible support through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Of the $15 billion earmarked for service line replacement, New York is expected to receive $115 million per year over the next five years.

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Drinking Water Pipe Repair Market Size – Industry Report 2023

The “Drinking Water Pipe Repair Market” is one of the sectors that is expanding the fastest, thus it is crucial for players in the market to first do an exhaustive analysis of the sector. The Drinking Water Pipe Repair market research report and industry analysis examines the Drinking Water Pipe Repair sector internationally for the period of time from 2023-2030. 

Global Drinking Water Pipe Repair market size was valued at $47779.86 million USD in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.55% during the forecast period, reaching $78181.93 million USD by 2028.

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