Plumbing News Roundup: May 2024

Plumbing News Roundup: May 2024

A lot is happening in the plumbing industry in the month of May. Continue reading our news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Concordia Residents Cover Storm Drains For Safety

A handful of residents of Concordia Lutheran Ministries’ can be seen this time of year walking around the property with wire mesh, tin snips, and zip ties. Concerned about the possibility of ducklings falling into the many storm drains on property, residents began working together to make the storm drain grids safe for the nature around the facility. 

The facility’s caretaker created a map on his computer that shows the locations of every storm drain grate so that those that have been covered can be removed from the list. These trellises remain in place from late April until fall; they are removed so that they are not plowed up and destroyed by snow removal vehicles in winter.

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United States Water Heater Market 

The US water heater market was valued at $3.45 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $5.08 billion by 2029, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.66%.

Competition among vendors in the US water heater market is quite intense. This market is highly fragmented and many companies compete for market share. The rapidly changing technological environment could negatively impact providers as customers expect continuous innovation and upgrades. The industry is moderately fragmented and many players offer advanced water heater features and designs. The three largest players in the US water heater market are AO Smith, Bradford White Corporation and Rheem Manufacturing.

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Solar Water Heater Manufacturing Project Report

IMARC Group’s report provides a complete roadmap for setting up a solar water heater manufacturing plant. The report covers various aspects ranging from a broad market overview to intricate details such as unit operations, raw material and supply needs, infrastructure needs, machinery needs, manpower needs, packaging and transportation needs and more.

In addition to the operational aspects, the report also provides detailed insights into the solar water heater manufacturing process and project economics and covers important aspects such as capital investment, project financing, operating costs, revenue and expense forecasts and much more. 

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