Plumbing News Roundup: May 2024

Plumbing Pipe Materials and What They’re Used For

In any trade, the materials you use are important. Having the right material for the job assures the right outcome. When it comes to your plumbing and its pipes, materials are key. There are plenty of different materials making up your plumbing, each with a different purpose.


PVC, or Poly-Vinyl Chloride, is the workhorse of any plumbing system. Usually white or gray in color, this plastic piping comes in a variety of  diameters and lengths and is extremely easy to work with. It is simple to cut and fit, and it can withstand years of use.

PVC is both chemical and heat resistant, so it’s found pretty much everywhere. The most common uses for PVC are in your waste lines, vent pipes and drain taps. PVC can also be used to replace damaged sections of other pipelines made of iron or brass. PVC can be used both inside and outside the home.

Chromed Brass or Copper

For exposed pipes, such as sink, toilet and shower lines, many people go with metal pipes that are aesthetically pleasing. Typically, these pipes are made of brass or copper and then finished or powdered with chrome for an elegant look. On top of that, the chrome makes these exposed pipes very easy to keep clean and helps prevent rust.

Brass or copper pipes can be used for a number of different functions such as water supply lines or pedestal sink drainage. Although they’re metal, brass and copper pipes are easy to cut and fit into whatever place you need them. Additionally, they are often a nice complement to your bathroom or kitchen fixtures such as faucets or shower heads.

Galvanized and Cast Iron

Galvanized iron, once a mainstay in residential plumbing, is not commonly used today. Although  many older homes still have iron plumbing, the main reason is because its iron rusts rather quickly. This corrosion can often lead to debris and clog or blog lines. If your home does have galvanized iron pipes, they’re most likely to be found in your water supply or drain lines.

Conversely, cast iron has become a mainstay of today’s  plumbing. Cast iron is higher quality and very dense. This allows  it to last for a very long time and even dampen the sound of flowing water. While difficult to cut and work with, cast iron pipes are great for main soil stack waste lines and ventilation.  

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