Why Plumbing Replacement Makes Sense

Maybe this is one you’ve heard before: You should replace your plumbing during a bathroom remodel. It’s completely true! Replacing your plumbing during your bathroom remodel will save you money, improve your bathroom plumbing performance and may even increase your home’s property value.

Plumbing Doesn’t Last Forever

Galvanized pipes were popular in homes in the middle part of the 20th century. Galvanized plumbing typically lasts between 20 and 50 years. But as galvanized pipes age, they tend to become rusty, brittle and filled with corrosion. Eventually, galvanized pipes will either leak or become too clogged to repair. Chances are, if your home has decades-old galvanized plumbing, there’s a good chance your pipes are reaching the end of their service life.

Of course, not all homes have galvanized plumbing. Copper is another popular material used to make home plumbing. Copper lasts about 5 decades or longer. Knowing how old your plumbing is can help you determine whether or not your pipes are reaching the end of their service life, and whether or not your pipes will need replacing soon.

Why Replacing During a Bathroom Remodel Makes Financial Sense

Repiping involves cutting holes in walls, tearing out tile and moving bathroom fixtures. It’s very disruptive. Many people who replace their piping are forced to replace tiles at the same time. This means that if you don’t replace your plumbing at the same time that you remodel the bathroom, you could be forced to retile and remodel the bathroom again when you do decide to repipe in a few years.

Benefits of Repiping

There are many benefits of repiping.

  • Get peace-of-mind that your home’s plumbing is in good shape and will be for many years to come.
  • Alleviate your fears that your plumbing could be leaking.
  • Improve property value.
  • Save time and money on plumbing repairs.  

Signs You Need to Repipe

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and aren’t sure whether or not your home needs to be repiped, recognizing the warning signs can help. For example:

  • Your home has galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes found in homes today are usually decades old and therefore are probably in need of replacement.   
  • The plumbing leaks a lot. If you find yourself regularly calling a plumber to fix your leaks, repiping can save you money on plumbing repairs.
  • Your water is rusty in the mornings. This is typically a sign that one of your pipes is getting seriously rusty and corroded.

If you’re not sure how old your home’s plumbing is, check for any permits that may have been pulled the last time it was repiped. You can do this by going to your county records department.

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