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Plumbing Sounds That Interrupt a Good Night’s Sleep

Bang, clang, drip, drop. There’s no construction zone outside your home, but you’ve heard plenty of loud noises lately. These bumps in the night could be plumbing sounds with specific causes. Learn to recognize the signs of trouble and appropriate repair measures. 


Oh, the familiar sound of the dripping shower head you turned off ten minutes ago. Plumbing fixtures wear over time just as much as any appliance in your home.

Most times, the steady drip-drop of a faucet or shower head isn’t cause for alarm, but it should be handled in case a larger problem is forming (and to prevent increased water bills). Luckily, dripping is often easily repaired by tightening a part or two. If you suspect a larger problem, such as worn-out or corroded parts, call Terry’s for a professional consultation and repair. 

Water Hammer

Clang, clang, clang went your plumbing, cha-chang cha-ching, cha-ching went your bill. Plumbing sounds like frequent banging when you turn on a faucet in your home could be related to a water hammer. 

No, no one’s pounding on the plumbing A water hammer happens when a valve malfunctions, preventing the rush of water through the pipes. In this situation, the air chambers in the pipe valves clog with water and restrict overall water flow—creating banging sounds. With the added strain on the system,  be prepared to call the plumber to make swift repairs on loosened joints, broken valves and damaged pipes, otherwise you may face more costly damage later.


EEK! It’s a sound you might expect to hear when someone encounters a spider, not something your faucet should do. 

High-pitched screeching is one of those plumbing sounds that’s a surefire sign of faucet trouble. You hear it before water rushes out into the sink, and it won’t get better with time. Screeching signals a malfunction with faucet components, which could either be loose or downright defective. The most cost-effective solution? Invest in a new faucet. 


Gurgling is never a good sound, regardless of the reason. In plumbing, it’s a sound you’ll probably hear if you have a drain clog that is preventing water flow. 

Whether the sound is accompanied by a flooding sink basin or a tub that seems just fine, there’s trouble brewing below the surface. Before you turn to your trusty drain snake or cleaning product, however, check to see if the sound is happening in other areas of your home. If the answer is ‘yes,’ there is likely an issue with your drain vents, which can malfunction to allow air bubbles into the system. Call in your plumbing team to replace the vents and eliminate the familiar gurgle-gurgle. 

Trust Terry’s to Fix Plumbing Sounds That Keep You Up at Night

Don’t suffer the sounds of weak plumbing any longer. Start the new year off right by giving your plumbing system a whole new life. Call on us for basic fixes like clogs and installations, or for complex projects like bathroom renovations. We’ve got you covered.