How to Properly Clean your Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than a gross bathroom – especially when unexpected company knocks on your door. A clean bathroom, though? The best! Whether cleaning your bathroom is part of your Sunday routine, or you just wait for it to look like it could use a good scrubbing, chances are you’re missing a few spots. Don’t you want to make sure you’re cleaning your bathroom properly? I mean, you use it every day.

Start With the Bath or Shower

It could be tempting to start with the floor. But we recommend saving the floor for last. If you’ve got the surrounding areas all nice and clean, the floor should be a great way to finish it off. So where to start? Let’s go with the bath or shower.

It’s easy to neglect your shower. It just doesn’t make sense that it even gets dirty, right? It’s constantly absorbing shampoo and soap (hopefully!). However, ever notice your tile turns pink? Once you see those pink spots come up you know you should have cleaned your shower sooner!

No need to worry, it will come right off. Just take some cleaning solution (any of the major brands are fine) and give it a good scrubbing. Don’t just clean the troubled spots. Clean the whole thing. If you give it a good scrubbing once a week and a deep clean about once a month you’ll never see those icky pink spots again!

Onto the Toilet

Okay, so nobody likes cleaning the toilet. However, that doesn’t mean you should let it get gross. Some people opt for the gels that you can stick right in the bowl that allegedly clean the toilet with every flush for a month straight.

Don’t just rely on this. Use a Clorox wipe, bathroom cleaner, use anything. Just like your shower or bath tub, don’t just scrub the troubled spots. Scrub the whole thing. Also, it can be easy to miss the top of the bowl, but when neglected, the top of a toilet bowl gets pretty gross. So don’t forget!

Everything Else

Like most people, I’m sure you have a vanity with a sink or two, a few bathroom cabinets, etc. These need  cleaning, too. For the sink, a simple scrub with a cleaning solution and washcloth works great. You can also use clorox wipes. Scrub everything.

As for the cabinets and the walls, pull out the duster and get after it. Doesn’t hurt to give the cabinets a pass with a clorox wipe, as well. A few simple cleaning tips certainly puts your mind at ease whenever the doorbell rings. Be proactive. Don’t put it off until it gets gross.

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