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Protect Your Plumbing During Summer Heat

Pipes might freeze in the winter, but they also crack and burst during the summertime. Let’s face it, between extensive water usage from hoses, pools and much more, we’re already asking a lot of our plumbing systems during this time of year. Summertime heat and humidity also combine to create a recipe for plumbing disasters. Let’s look at a few ways to protect plumbing during summer heat. 

Clean the Air Conditioner Drains

Is this an HVAC or plumbing problem? Both. Dirty air conditioner drains can have adverse health effects. While air conditioner drains are part of cooling systems, they’re essential to plumbing. The issue here is that during hot weather, the heat causing excess moisture to develop, which spawns rapid mold growth. Air courses through contaminated AC drains and out into your home, giving you the misfortune of breathing in those mold spores. Be sure to check and clean air filters and drains to avoid getting sick.

Contend with Leaky Pipes

During the height of summer heat, the ground can get extremely dried out, posing risks to the plumbing system. It’s problematic because your home’s foundation can shift as a result, moving pipes and cracking them, as well as causing leaks. Additionally, tree roots grow underground and seek out water for nutrients, which often clashes with the main sewer line, resulting in the release of water vapor and more plumbing cracks. 

There isn’t a whole lot to do about either problem, because it’s simply Mother Nature at work. What you can do, however, is be diligent about water usage in the summertime to avoid overworking the system and compounding on existing issues. 

Insulate or Paint Your Pipes

Heat, humidity and the sun’s ultraviolet rays wreak havoc on exterior plumbing components. That’s because summer heat and UV rays cause pipes to expand. Wider pipes mean more water flow, right? Well, not exactly. When pipes expand, you get lower water pressure, increased risk of leaks and pipes might even break or burst. UV rays impact pipe resistance and reduce shock absorption.

You can’t prevent it from getting hot and sunny, so what’s the solution? Paint and insulation. Apply light-colored acrylic paint to the PVC piping outside of your home, which will repel harmful UV rays and prevent pipe expansion. Bonus: If you opt for insulation instead, it’ll help to protect plumbing during summer and winter. Insulation works by protecting pipes from UV rays during sunny weather and freezing in cold weather, each of which could potentially cause pipes to burst.

Call on Super Terry for Your Plumbing Needs

We tend to think more of snow and ice as common culprits, but hot weather conditions impact plumbing systems, too. In the end, it really comes down to weather extremes. There’s plenty of heat ahead to cause severe plumbing problems, so call Terry’s Plumbing before leaks, cracks and mold go from bad to worse. Our full suite of services will protect plumbing during summer, winter—any time of year!