How Replacing Your Sewer System Can Save You Money

Old sewers cost homeowners a lot of money. Blockages in old sewers can necessitate expensive sewer repairs, while cleanup costs can add to the bill. Many homeowners with sewer trouble spend thousands of dollars in a single year to repair and maintain their sewer line. For homeowners with newer, modern sewers, these problems do not typically occur. Homeowners who install a new sewer line can save money over time.

What Causes Sewer Trouble?

Sewer trouble can happen for many reasons. One of the most common reasons that sewer lines collapse is because of tree roots. Trees planted too close to the sewers can easily invade underground lines in search of water. During times of drought, even trees planted far from the sewers can become a threat, as trees will search far and wide for a water source.

Another reason that homeowners typically experience sewer trouble is because of debris that is flushed into the sewer via the home’s toilets, sinks and showers. Homeowners who likely flush grease, fats, oils, kitty litter, disposable wipes, tampons and feminine hygiene products into their sewer may eventually experience clogs.

These problems can be prevented through smart maintenance choices and with proper landscaping practices. Homeowners who run into trouble, however, may need to replace their sewer to avoid thousands of dollars in repair costs.

How Can Replacing Your Sewer Save Money?

For many homeowners, replacing a sewer is a significant expense. In the long term, however, sewer replacement can save money by reducing household expenses, thus  improving the value of the home.

  • Fewer repair costs. Sewer repair can add up over time. Snaking and hydro jetting  can be expensive, especially when done on a semi-regular basis. The national average for repairing a broken sewer line is about $2,400. Ultimately, installing a new sewer can eliminate repair costs for years or decades.
  • Fewer nights in a hotel. If the sewer backup occurs late at night, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend the night in a hotel and then deal with the repairs in the morning. These costs can add hundreds of dollars to the total repair bill.
  • Improved property value. A new sewer is a big benefit for homebuyers, who appreciate  knowing that the major systems of the home are in proper working condition. A new sewer can make your home easier to sell and  more competitive with comparable properties in the area.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

For many homeowners, trenchless sewer replacement is the best way to repair a damaged sewer line. Compared to traditional sewer installation, trenchless sewers cause less disruption and take far less time to install. Because no trench is dug to reach the sewer, the landscaping is protected, and the costs to put the property back into its original condition are minimal.

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